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Pickleball Myths

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We’ve all heard Pickleball Myths. Things like hit the ball and run to the kitchen line or the service just needs in. Things your fellow players tell you but in reality, they are killing your game!

Today, we are separating the pickleball myth from reality and giving you a strategy for improvement.

Time Codes

Myth 1-Run to the Net Immediately 5:55

Myth 2-Forehand Has the Middle 9:15

Myth 3 You Don’t Have to be Fit to Play 14:51

Myth 4- Just Get the Serve IN 19:10

Myth 5- Always Take the Ball Out of the Air 24:15

Myth 6-The Only Third Shot is a Drop 29:55

Myth 7 There is a Right Way to Play Pickleball 33:50

Here are a few of my favorite videos to help you apply the correct strategies and improve your pickleball game.

Get to the Non-Volley Zone

Forehand Takes the Middle?

5 Minutes to Better Pickleball-Warm Up Your Body

Fitness Assessment

The Best Serve in Pickleball

How to Hit a Third Shot Drop


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