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Rules Review: Too Excited in Pickleball?

When is Exuberance Illegal?

In doubles play, it is important to communicate with your partner. You might call shots, yell warnings about balls that are likely out, call your partner to switch positions, or warn your partner when you see a ball with spin coming his way.

All of that is generally okay. But, yelling when an opponent is about to strike the ball might be considered a distraction. If a referee calls a distraction, you lose the rally.

On our courts recently, a player was about to hit an overhead shot. An opposing player, trying to help his partner be in a better position, yelled at his partner to move back. The person hitting the overhead shot called interference. What would you say?

Bev writes a weekly email blast for our pickleball club. She delivers the rules with clarity and a sense of humor. If you have a rules question post it in the comments below.




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