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Pickleball Drills-The Third Shot Game


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Great pickleball players have one thing in common; they can execute a third shot or a series of third shots
that’ll allow their team to get to the net and eliminate their opponents’ advantage. I’ve coached multiple sports, and without a doubt, games have been the one thing that has helped my clients improve their skills and have fun while doing it. If you’re struggling with your third shot drop or drive and can’t figure out how to make it more consistent, this a pickleball drill is hidden in the form of a perfect game.


Pickleball Drills-The Third Shot Game

A. This is a two-player drill with one person at the non-volley zone and one person at the baseline.

B. We’re using half the court, so the centerline becomes the sideline.

C. To win a point, the person at the baseline must work their way into the non-volley zone and start a dinking game using any combination of drops and drives they like. Once in a dinking game, they can score a bonus point if they win the point.

D. Switch places after each rally.

E. First one to 11 wins.

Click here to watch how it’s done. 

Coaching Points

  1. When you’re the player at the baseline, make sure you try a combination of shots, not just drops or drives. See what works best for you.

2. Once you’re in a dink game, dink with the purpose. If you aren’t sure how to do this video is all about dink strategy, and it will give you some additional insights on how to become more effective.

3. This is your time to try something new during the dink game. As an example, if you don’t normally lob
give it a try.

4. If you’re the player at the net, this is the perfect time to practice your offensive skill focus on hitting the ball at the players’ feet, making the third shot more difficult for them to hit.

Now you’ve got a fun way to improve your third shot consistency, but hey, what about the rest of your game? Not
to worry, I’ve got a FREE GUIDE just for you. It will help you put an improvement plan together, so you’ll be playing better pickleball in no time.

Comment down below if you think this pickleball drill will help you to improve your third shot consistency.

CJ Johnson

Hey there — I’m a professional three-sport athlete and coach who has spent my entire adult life earning a living from playing and coaching sports. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same: My commitment to see students not as they are but as what they can become and to move heaven and earth to help them realize their untapped potential. You should know that when it comes to helping pickleball players over 50 live their best lives on and off the courts, I'm an expert. Good pickleball is not just technique; it's the mind and body working holistically. That's why I'm also a personal trainer and weight management specialist. When I’m chillin', you'll find me watching Star Trek with my husband John and our two fur babies, Shirley and Ralph. (Yes, Happy Days)

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