Frequently Asked Camp Questions

Our camps are most suitable for players from 2.5 up to 4.5. 

While newer players are welcome, these are not beginner camps. We do not teach scoring and the other absolute basics of the game. Ideally, players should have played pickleball for at least 6 months (or have a combination of prior racket experience and played a lot prior to camp) and have a basic understanding of the game. 

Our focus is on providing the correct mechanics for repeatable, consistent strokes that get the job done – no frills as well as teaching you the core game strategies that are consistent with a sound and efficient approach to pickleball. 

The concepts taught are those that are required to be able to play against any player on any court. From this solid foundation, a player can reach almost any level in the game.

Our camp has included 4.5-level players in the past who have been able to fix holes and further strengthen their game. Individualized recommendations from our camp pros are given appropriate to where each camper is in their game. 

While newer players are welcome, these are not beginner camps. We do not teach scoring and the other absolute basics of the game. Ideally, players should have played pickleball for at least 6 months (or have a combination of prior racket experience and played a lot prior to camp) and have a basic understanding of the game. 

That said, it is best to learn the correct habits from the beginning than unlearn bad habits later on. When you learn the relevant pickleball shots and correct strategies, you’ll be able to make real progress and won’t get distracted by all the bad information online and on the courts. 

As to ability, our camps are perfect for players from 2.5 to 4.5. Our camp pros personalize the experience for each camper to provide to each player that which they most need for their individual game. 

Pickleball is a game of sound fundamentals. Repeated again and again – efficiently and consistently. Nothing particularly fancy. Just executing better than your opponent over and over. 

Our pickleball camp curriculum is constructed around the parts of the game that matter. The things that you need to know – and do – to play amazing pickleball. AND to avoid distractions and noise. Every player can learn to hit the shots and implement the strategies that we will teach you during this pickleball coaching camp. 

Don't pass up this experience because you are not sure whether you’re good enough. If you can play a game and understand the basics of scoring and rules, then you are ready to join us at camp! 

If you have more specific ability questions, email us: 


A Better Pickleball camp is a completely different experience from other camps. For one, we are not a "ball feeding” camp. We also do not jump from shot to shot with no curriculum or rationale. 

Our camps are guided by the Three Pillars of Pickleball (all 3) to provide you with a complete picture of the game. We follow a well-designed and effective curriculum to take you through the different elements of pickleball, starting with the Mechanical, then flowing into the Strategic, all the time working on the Athletic Pillar. 

You will learn the tools you need to: 

  1. Improve or change your shot technique as needed to have repeatable, consistent strokes. 
  2. Know the correct strategies to apply when you are playing – serve and return side (these two are vastly different). 
  3. Be able to make decisions in real-time when you are playing pickleball – this is “where the rubber meets the road,” so to speak. 

At the same time, you will learn more about how your body and mind are affecting your play and the positive steps you can take – as to each – to unlock your real pickleball self. And to live a better life as well. 

Another major advantage to a Better Pickleball Camp over another camp is that it is your chance to be coached by CJ Johnson and Tony Roig. Are you kidding me? What could be better than that? In seriousness, CJ and Tony are 2 of the top pickleball coaches anywhere in the world. And you get them both. 

Your individual improvement is the primary focus of a Better Pickleball Camp. To achieve that objective, we do two things:

  1. We work on the most important and impactful parts of pickleball – the shots and strategies that will actually make a difference to your game and
  2. We provide individual feedback appropriate to where you are along your journey. We are not all the same, and treating you as merely one in a group – say Intermediates – is not as effective (or fun) as treating you as you.

This is quite different from other camps in which the goal is to separate players into 'skill-level' camps...Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced…and then just treat the players as a collective – rather than as individuals.

Here's why our approach is more impactful: our IMMERSIVE camps are personalized to your needs as an individual player. We provide instruction based on universal actionable pickleball principles that apply to every player regardless of skill level. We then work with each player individually to ensure you get the training you need along these principles. The results are without parallel.

The advantage of learning in a camp with players of varied skill levels is that you'll learn to improve your game while practicing with players at a similar skill level and other players who are more advanced and some less advanced. This method ensures that you learn to focus on what's most important in improving your own game...and not just adapting to whatever the "level group" is trying to do. You'll be better prepared to re-engage at your local courts and play the best you ever have.


Our previous camps have included newer players up to seasoned tournament 4.5 players – all in the same camp. Both the newer player and the 4.5 player got what they needed to improve their games. Here are just a few examples of how they each benefited from their camp experience: 

  • Both players worked on improving their footwork – this is a skill that helps you play better regardless of your level of play and something that almost no players have any experience with, and it is an area of the game that is level-neutral.
  • Both players learned constructive techniques to determine the effectiveness of their play. The results sought by each player might be different (“hit a deep return” for the newer player vs. “effectively pinned the serve team in the transition zone with my fourth shots” for the 4.5 player), but their success is determined according to the same framework: how effective were you at accomplishing your return team objectives. 
  • The newer player learned the importance of getting up to the NVZ line (this is something that the 4.5 player may have already known, but execution can oftentimes be improved, even at the 4.5 level. There are countless 4.0+ players who still can improve this part of their games). 
  • The 4.5 player learned techniques to better maximize their positional advantage when on the return team, making them a more formidable player. 

Even though the underlying framework and objectives are the same, each player works at our camp based on where they are in the game.

The key is that each player leaves camp with the tools THEY need to continue their personal growth and improvement as a pickleball player. 

Without a doubt, “Yes.” 

Here is why. While our pickleball camp curriculum does not change from camp to camp – more on this below – you will be a different player. 

Our camp curriculum will always focus on sound fundamentals: in shots and in strategy. As an example, the return side is the most important strategic component of pickleball. Thus, every camp will always begin its strategic discussion focused on the return side. This is how we play pickleball, and thus, this is how we coach pickleball. 

The difference from camp to camp is you as a player. Each time you apply the concepts we teach at our camp, you apply them from a different, more advanced place. This is proven out – again and again – by players who come to our camps more than once. Each time their camp experience and what they take away from it is different, and each time they grow as players. 

Your game improvement and satisfaction are of paramount importance to CJ and Tony.

If you take a Better Pickleball Camp and don't believe that your learning experience was worth the price paid for the camp, tell us. Like all other Better Pickleball products, we'll refund your camp tuition. 

Travel costs and associated camp expenses are not included in the Better Pickleball Camp Guarantee.

You are considered registered for the camp once we have received all information and payment has been made.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel at least 61 days prior to the first day of camp, you will receive a refund, less an $85 administration fee.

If you cancel less than 61 days prior to the camp: (a) AND we are able to refill your spot, you will receive a refund, less a $125 administration fee, or (b) If we are unable to fill your spot, we will issue a credit applicable to a future camp, less the $125 administration fee. Camp credits expire within 12 months of the start date of the scheduled camp.

We chose locations during the optimal time of the year to help ensure the best chance of good weather and conditions. However, it is an outdoor camp. While we don’t anticipate issues, camps are subject to cancellation or change based on circumstances beyond our control, such as facility issues, COVID, or weather-imposed restrictions.

Refunds are for camp fees only, not travel-related expenses. If you have any concerns, we suggest you purchase travel insurance to cover any non-camp-related expenses.

Better Pickleball Camps cost $799.

That includes two days of instruction, 12 total hours, a Better Pickleball Camp workbook, Pre Camp Call and lunch each day.