Pickleball Bangers Beware: The Ultimate Strategy Revealed!
By: Tony Roig | February 21, 2024 |

Pickleball Bangers Beware: The Ultimate Strategy Revealed!

Banging is fine, but it is only a part of the game. A banger who can only bang is really missing out and will, eventually, run into a wall.

The deficiency in the bangers game is also the best tool to use against them. So if you play against bangers, we teach you how to defuse them.

Nothing wrong with banging – but there is more.

If you want to go all-in on outplaying the bangers in your life, join us inside the Better Pickleball Academy.

0:00 Introduction to the Bangers Folly

0:29 Explanation of the Flaw in Banger Strategy

1:41 Demonstration of a Banger-only approach and its limitation

2:53 Using the Non-Volley Zone against the Banger

Waatch this video to help you as a banger fix your game, and if you’re not a banger, to start unraveling the myth of the banger

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