You Will Become a Better Pickleball Player by Playing More-Right?

You love the game, and you want to play your best pickleball. So you carve out time in your schedule to play more. Before you know it, you’re playing 4-5 days every week. But will more time playing help you become the pickleball player you want to be? We asked you – and a thousand…

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Pickleball Open Play-A beginners guide
Pickleball Open Play – A Beginner’s Guide

Pickleball is a fun and social sport that’s becoming increasingly popular in communities across the world. If you’re interested in trying out the sport, open play is a great way to get started. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find open-play opportunities and what to expect when you get there. What is open…

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Stress Imparting the Other Side of Your Pickleball Self
#142- Stress Imparting – the Other Side of Your Pickleball Self

You have two sides to your pickleball self. Understanding each side can help you focus on what you need to in order to play your best pickleball. And building both sides of that as a player is how you’re going to become a truly well rounded player. Now, I want to be clear about this….

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Bye Bye Paddle - Pickleball Paddle Gone Bad?
Bye Bye Paddle – Pickleball Paddle Gone Bad?

Is your pickleball paddle past it’s prime? Here’s how you can tell. I’m going to share with you several factors that will help you determine whether your paddle has gone bad and give you some ideas on how to replace it. I’ll give you ideas on how you can determine whether your paddle may have…

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Episode 144 Lost in the Pickleball Jungle (1)
#144- Lost in the Pickleball Jungle? PLUS To Target or Not To Target

I want you to understand that you really have to start from a point of a different perspective than the one that perhaps you’re used to. I got an email from a gentleman named David, in response to last week’s podcast where I talked about the Pickleball Therapist idea. And this is not just Dave’s…

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Episode 145 Resilience Can be Learned (1)
#145- Resilience Can be Learned PLUS Always Apply this Rule to Your Play

What do you do when you face adversity and how do you react to it? I came across an article about Novak Djokovic who’s arguably the greatest tennis player of all time. When asked about what makes him different, what allows him to keep going and to keep persevering, he said resilience. This is indicative…

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Episode 146 Our BEST Episode - You Be the Judge (2)
#146- Our BEST Episode – You Be the Judge. Your Journey PLUS Lots More

How can you improve your mental fortitude, mental awareness and perspective when you’re playing this awesome sport, Pickleball? We all come to the sport with a different set of variables.  One of the things that is really important for us to keep in mind and for you to understand as a player is that everybody’s…

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Episode 147 - The Episode for YOU - Slow Yourself Out There (1)
#147- The Episode for YOU – Slow Yourself Out There (you’re welcome :))

When we’re either in open play or we’re working with some players, things seem to get really fast and everywhere, meaning the balls are going really fast. What can happen is it can lead to less than optimal play for you. Because as you’re running around, rushing around, you’re not really taking the moment to…

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Episode 148 - Lose Less to Win More PLUS $500 Million in Pickleball Injuries (3)
#148- Lose Less to Win More PLUS $500 Million in Pickleball Injuries

The less you lose, the more you win by extension. Losing less is it’s certainly making less unforced errors. A lot of times when you watch games, you’ll have a team that’s up too many points. Either it’s unforced errors on returns of serve, force shots, things like that. By cleaning those things up, avoiding…

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Episode 149 - EARLY RELEASE - Transformative Pickleball (1)
#149- Transformative Pickleball – It is a Thing and You Can Do It

  A lot of times players play in a way that they don’t really understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Want transformation in your game – serious transformation? Then you need to understand the game you are playing. There is simply no other way. We get told things, do this, do that, where we…

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Episode 150 The Secret Sauce of Pickleball
#150- The Secret Sauce of Pickleball plus No Winter Starvation for You

The best pro players have their motions very compact. They’ve figured out they don’t need all that excess motion. This includes motion with the paddle, which causes loss of control and greater chances of error. This week’s podcast will help you really gain focus on what you’re doing and also improve your pickleball because you’ll…

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Special Episode - Pickleball Therapy Interviews Pro Lee Whitwell (2)
#150A- Pickleball Therapy Interviews Pro Lee Whitwell – Awesome Perspective

Lee Whitwell is a professional pickleball player, but more importantly, she is an ambassador of the sport. In this special episode of the podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lee Whitwell as she shares insights into how she addresses the game from a mental standpoint and why she plays pickleball….

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Episode 151 Mailbag Episode - The Open Play Blues and Mixed Troubles
#151- Mailbag Episode – The Open Play Blues and Mixed Troubles

In this Mailbag Episode, we are going to cover 5 really interesting areas: 1.     What happens when you maybe are viewed as having stayed behind your friend? We want to play with better players which is great but let’s also remember to play with the players who are not yet where we are. Let’s…

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Pickleball therapy podcast
#152- The Partner Play Episode PLUS the ALW Incident

Playing with a partner is a two-way street, a team sport and our behavior impact our partners’ play and vice versa. That team/partner dynamic is so important to your ability to succeed as a doubles team. We’re going to feed off of our partner both positively and negatively. So let’s be self-reflective for a second….

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Episode 153 The Phone Ringer (1)
#153- The Phone Ringer PLUS Actionable Metrics You CAN Use

When we play pickleball, we get hung up on metrics that are not helpful and that actually end up being potentially destructive to your game. The most common metric is win-loss. In this podcast I get into two different types of metrics and give you some ideas to pick a metric that’s right for you….

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