The Push for Power: Does Pickleball’s Fast Game Mean the END of the Soft Game?

Pickleball sure seems to have gotten faster, BUT has it? There is no doubt that there’s more power pickleball, and the sport has gotten faster overall. There have always been players who preferred a faster pace strategy, but the number of the so-called “bangers” has definitely increased. A lot of this has to do with…

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Rule Review: Why All The Different Pickleballs?

Every player seems to have a preferred ball. While there are some differences, according to the rules there are a few things that all pickleballs have in common. You may think it’s just a whiffle ball, but those yellow rounds meet very specific requirements. The rules dictate the size and weight with only narrow variances. The ball…

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Rule Review: That’s Handy

Perhaps unique to pickleball, a ball can be hit twice, bounced on your paddle, or “carried,” as long as this occurs during a continuous motion in a single direction.   The ball can also hit your paddle hand and still be returned legally. In fact, the ball doesn’t need to hit the paddle at all as long…

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Getting Started Introduction to Pickleball- Video 2

Part 2 of the Getting Started Pickleball Series on the things you need to know about the court, the terminology, and the rules of the game. First thing you might notice about a pickleball court is made up of two halves. Each side is identical, 22 feet long by 20 feet wide. There are three…

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Getting Started Introduction to Pickleball- Video 3

In this video we’ll talk about the court and the rules of the game that you need to get started. The shots that you’re going to hit and show you how a game is played. We’ll also discuss scoring. There are two shots that you hit in pickleball. One is a ground stroke. That means…

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Pickleball Rules- The Line is Good

It’s true that a ball that hits the line is good. In other words, the line is considered part of the court. But it’s not that simple. Do you know that a ball contacting the playing surface outside of the baseline or sideline, (the kitchen line on the serve is a different rule) even though…

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Rules Review: Too Excited in Pickleball?

When is Exuberance Illegal? In doubles play, it is important to communicate with your partner. You might call shots, yell warnings about balls that are likely out, call your partner to switch positions, or warn your partner when you see a ball with spin coming his way. All of that is generally okay. But, yelling…

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Ball Over Net Pickleball
Which One-Ball Over Net Pickleball or Actually Learn to Play Your Best?

“Ball-Over-Net” Pickleball is when a player is content with the ball just clearing the net and landing inside the lines on the other side of the court. There is, however, so much more to pickleball if you are willing to put in a little work and learn the game. This article is not intended as…

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You Can’t Play Pickleball? Here’s How To Keep Improving Anyway.

It happens to all of us. We can’t get on the pickleball court due to the following: 1. Injury 2. Weather conditions (snow, rain) 3. Anything else (life) At some point, for any variety of reasons, you can’t get to the courts. Unfortunately, most pickleball players think, that’s it! I can’t play pickleball. Therefore, I…

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Pickleball-When Can You Be In the Kitchen?

[In this series of Getting Started articles, we share several beginner pickleball tips to help you get started on the right foot. These tips will help you whether you have played a racket/paddle sport in the past or not. When CJ and I started playing pickleball, we were given lots of advice. Some of it…

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Why Your Pickleball Shot Obsession is Holding Your Game Back (And What to Do About It)

If you are a casual pickleball player or think that a single pickleball shot or strategy will sort your game out (no criticism in either case, you are welcome to have the relationship with pickleball that most suits you), this article is probably not going to be for you. If you want to grow as…

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The 7 Best Lessons From THE Pickleball Summit 2021

Everyone sees things through a different lens. So it was no surprise that when Tony and I started talking about the best pickleball lessons from the Summit, we had a difference of opinion. The first three in this article are from Tony and the next three from me. The last one is our absolute best…

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Pickleball Camps FAQ

Frequently Asked Camp Questions What skill level is this camp targeted toward? Our camps are most suitable for players from 2.5 up to 4.5.   While newer players are welcome, these are not beginner camps. We do not teach scoring and the other absolute basics of the game. Ideally, players should have played pickleball for at…

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The One Pickleball Fundamental You HAVE to Understand

The one pickleball fundamental you have to understand

Pickleball is more than just getting the ball over the net and into the court. Pickleball is easy to learn but it can take a lifetime to master every aspect of the game.

The first fundamental that you have to understand is that the strategies when you are the serve team differ from the strategies when you are the return team. If you do not understand this difference, you cannot succeed as a player. Period.

When you are the serve team, you are at a disadvantage because of the Two-Bounce Rule. The disadvantage is that your opponents (the return team) will be able to move up to the NVZ line before you. Most successful doubles pickleball is played at the NVZ line. You must first neutralize that disadvantage and get you into position to win the rally and score a point.

When you are the return team, you have the positional advantage of being able to control the NVZ line first. You must maintain that advantage and make it as difficult as possible for the serve team to score a point.

Neutralizing when you are on the serve side of the ball and maintaining your advantage when you are on the return side of the ball is how you will win more rallies and, as a result, win more games.

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The Top 2023 Pickleball Videos – We watched them all and give you their best tips here

We have reviewed all of the top pickleball videos on all the top Pickleball channels and summarize the pickleball tips here for you. Which videos qualified to be included in this pickleball video? The pickleball videos we looked at had to be published during 2023 Had to have over 100,000 views Some of the videos…

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