My Top Pickleball Strategy-How to Play Better FAST

How do you know what improvement path is going to get you the fastest results? Having played pickleball for about 5 years now, I have had the pleasure of meeting and playing with a variety of players from varied backgrounds each possessing different skill sets. We are all able to get on the court and…

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Forget the Drop, Drive and Lob. To Play Your Best Pickleball You Need This!

One of the most valuable and underutilized resources pickleball players have is not a drive, a drop, or even a lob. It’s something that’s rarely practiced. In fact, most of you don’t have any idea how powerful it can be. It’s always in play; on every pickleball court, during every game. It’s an edge over…

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Open Letter to Pickleball Paddle Manufacturers – You’re Missing This

From Tony’s Desk: When looking to purchase a pickleball paddle, we are told the paddle’s weight (scale weight to be clear – more below), grip size, paddle length and width (and depth, which is often called width), and perhaps some of the materials that go into making the paddle core and face. There is, however,…

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Picking the Pickleball Camp That’s Right for You
Finding Your Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pickleball Camp

“Will going to pickleball camp improve my game?” Most likely, but the degree to which you will advance depends on a number of factors, largely focused on the type of Pickleball Camp you choose. It’s not a case of ‘one-size fits all’! Numerous variables influence the outcome, such as the camp’s coaching quality, compatibility with…

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Special Episode - The Three Spheres of Your Mental Game
#1508- The Three Spheres of Your Mental Game – Special Episode

In this special episode we cover the three spheres of the pickleball which are perspective, play, and progress. This will help you to further develop or deepen your understanding of your mental process and growth as a more complete, big of all player. Perspective is your big picture, your relationship with pickleball, and it radically…

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Pickleball Clinics

CAMPS Better Pickleball Camps We pioneered the Three Pillars of Pickleball, organizing pickleball training into Mechanical, Strategic, and Athletic Pillars. Our pickleball camps are holistic, covering all three areas of the game – and you need all three to unlock your pickleball potential.  Find a Pickleball Camp Near Me How Better Pickleball Creates an Experience…

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Summit Bundle with Dylan Frazier, Nicole Havlicek and Jose Derisi

The Perfect Trio Sharpen Your Court Control Our exclusive Pickleball Summit Bundle, taught by three of the best coaches in the game, is specially tailored for players like you who know the basics but are eager to push their limits. Begin your journey by “Navigating the Transition Zone” with World #1 Dylan Frazier, where he…

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Pickleball Foot Pain with Dr. Pickleball-Part 1

Dr. Pickleball recommends court shoes as the first step to reducing pain and your chances of injury. But, do you need to have special shoes to play pickleball? I mean wouldn’t just a plain old running shoe do? I’m glad Dr. Rosenthal addressed it in the video because it’s one of the most common questions…

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The Best Shoes For Pickleball

Many players arrive at the courts ready to play in a running or cross training shoe. Is that the best shoe or do you need to have special shoes to play pickleball? You might be thinking back to your youth when most of us had one pair of sneakers for every sport we played. The…

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Pickleball Beginner Strategy-When to Run to the Net

If you’re new to pickleball, you know that there is no shortage of advice, especially when it comes to the non-volley zone. Someone tells you to run to the net as fast as you can. Then the next person says, no, no, stay back! It’s no wonder you’re confused. When we’re new, we don’t always…

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Ready for Your Next Pickleball Paddle?

Are you considering upgrading your current pickleball paddle, but you’re not sure what to get or how to choose the best one? You’re not alone! Many of us likely purchased our first pickleball paddle based on price. After all, we didn’t know if we would like pickleball, and frankly, most of us probably wouldn’t have…

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Common Pickleball Mistakes New Players Make (And How to Avoid Them)

It is never easy being a beginner, and pickleball, as fun as it, isn’t an exception. You’ll find your fellow pickleball players anxious to help a newbie learn. So much so that beginners get inundated with advice. Unfortunately, not all of its useful information. Here are my top six common pickleball mistakes, the things that…

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Caution – Bad Pickleball Advice Ahead

Most of us started our pickleball journey learning from the pickleball enthusiasts who preceded us. The sport was passed down to us from the court elders or the group’s pickleball experts who shared their nuggets of wisdom. “Stand up there when I am returning serve.” “The first team to serve only gets one serve.” “After…

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Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court

You want to play pickleball. But there are no pickleball courts available. No problem; as long as there’s a tennis court nearby you can play pickleball.  Just a basic tennis court – nothing else.  And based on our travels around the country, there are available tennis courts almost everywhere. A whole pickleball court is only 2…

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The Soft Game Is Always the Right Answer

Pickleball is an odd sport. In many other sports, the game gets faster the more you advance. Tennis serves get harder. Baseball pitches faster. And so on. That’s not the nature of Pickleball. It’s actually backward. As you advance in the game, the game does not speed up. To the contrary, it slows down. There…

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