Offensive Strategy

Elevate Your Game with Precision, Power, and Deception

Are your Non-Volley Zone (NVZ) strategies falling flat?  A great NVZ strategy is not just about hard attacks; it’s about creating smart, deceptive shots that give you the edge.

Welcome to "Non-Volley Zone Attack Strategies" taught by none other than José Derisi. As a top senior pro recognized for his clever non-volley zone tactics, José has carved out a reputation for outmaneuvering opponents with his crafty play.

This course peels back the curtain on his unique approach, equipping you with the skills to execute the Dink, Lob, and Flick volleys — each shot is a strategic tool for becoming less predictable and outsmarting your opponents.

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You'll learn to

Combine power, precision, and deception in your non-volley zone play.

Accurately execute the Lob volley to move your opponents off the NVZ .

Implement the Flick volley for quick, surprising shots that catch opponents off guard.

Turn a dead dink into a Dink volley and gain the upper hand in dink battles.

Become more offensive to control the Non-Volley Zone.

Infuse unpredictability into your game to keep your opponents guessing.

Module 1 - Dink Volley

Learn to craft a tactical response to the soft shot to control the dink battle and keep your opponents guessing.

Module 2 - Lob Volley

Understand how to execute the Lob Volley with precision to push your opponents into a defensive position. 

Module 3 - Flick Volley

Discover how to use the ultimate power move for quick, unpredictable strikes to catch your opponents off guard. 


Jose shows you the same drills he uses to sharpen his shots and create chaos at the non-volley zone. 

Meet Your Coach


José Derisi

José is a top senior pro player who has earned multiple medals in pro divisions at the US Open, Nationals, APP, and PPA tournaments. He is a captain and the top-drafted player with the Princeton Bruisers in the National Pickleball League.

José is a certified pickleball instructor with extensive experience teaching camps and group lessons. He is currently the lead pro instructor for Engage Pickleball camps.

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