Mastering the Middle

From Baseline to NVZ - Cutting Edge Pro Strategies

Ready to change your performance in 'No Man's Land' with guidance from THE Best player in the game?

In this class, "Navigating the Transition Zone," #1 ranked pro pickleball player Dylan Frazier reveals the cutting-edge strategies and nuanced tactics of the modern game. 

This is your chance to get into the head of one of the most decorated pros in the world and understand the complexities of the transition zone, a critical segment of the court where matches are often won or lost.

Whether you’re aiming to step up your tournament game or looking to outplay the local competition, Dylan’s insights will change the way you play.

Navigating the Transition Zone with DF

You'll learn to

Coordinate your movement to smoothly and strategically advance from the baseline to the NVZ.

Move with your partner, protecting gaps and maximizing your chances to control the game.

Create shots that force opponents to hit from below the net, giving you a tactical edge.

Use NVZ positioning and movement to outmaneuver your opponents during your dink battles.

Adapt to and counter attacks from your opponents.

Implement advanced strategies for transitioning effectively and overcoming your positional disadvantage.

Module 1 - Baseline to NVZ

Discover strategies for advancing from the baseline to the NVZ, ensuring your shots and tactics put your opponents on their heels. 

Module 2 - Playing at the NVZ

Learn to master the dink rally and control the NVZ by positioning yourself strategically to create more rally-winning opportunities.

Module 3 - Fast Hands

Uncover the tactics that players with fast hands use, positioning their paddles to gain an upper hand in rapid net exchanges



Dylan reveals the drill he uses to sharpen his speed and agility at the NVZ, helping you level up your game.

Meet Your Coach

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Dylan Frazier

Dylan is a professional pickleball player, ranked #1 in the world in Men's Doubles. He started playing pickleball at the age of 14 and is one of the few top-10 professionals without a tennis background.

Dylan first played pickleball with his mom, who had played it for fun in college. He started playing tournaments and quickly moved up levels until turning pro in 2020, the same year he graduated high school. In addition to competing, he is also pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the University of Missouri.

He credits his ability to juggle school and pickleball to those closest to him: “(I have) an amazing support system made up of family and friends in the pickleball community, particularly Columbia and St. Louis.”

By mid-year 2024, he had amassed 9 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and a bronze.

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