Hosted by: Tony Roig | September 9, 2022 |

Maximize Your Work and Avoid Time Wastes

None of us has unlimited time in our days, and certainly not unlimited time to work on our pickleball games. If we want to play our best pickleball, we must prioritize the areas of our game that are most important; those that will give us the biggest bang for our buck.

For example, the third shot drop. Is it an important pickleball shot? Of course it is. But not always. For many players, the third shot drop is unnecessary – for now. Let’s say you are missing punch volleys into the net or wide or you play against bangers but do not know how to let out balls go. In either of these cases, the third shot drop should not even be on your list of shots to improve. Probably not even Top 10.

If you are in this large group of players where the third shot drop is not Top 10 then whatever time you are working on the third shot drop is not being used for its best purpose. You are better off identifying the areas that will give you the greatest advantage and working on those.

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Tony Roig

Hola. Hello. Konichiwa. After 40 years playing tennis, I am now a full-time pickleball player and professional. As a 5.0 rated Senior Pro Pickleball Player and an IPTPA-certified Master Teaching Professional, my focus is on helping players like you learn to play their best pickleball. In 2016, shortly after starting to play pickleball, my friend Tom and I jumped into the highest division at the first US Open in Naples, Florida. That morning it became clear just how much there is to learn in this seemingly simple sport – a lifetime of learning if you so choose. Since 2018, I have been on a mission to share my knowledge of pickleball so other players can enjoy the game at a higher level and attain their pickleball objectives. When not studying or playing pickleball, I like to travel with my other half, Jill.