See the Game Like A PRO

Strategy Sessions

A Game Study will help you learn the shots and strategies your game needs through guided observation of actual match play.

These interactive sessions provide in-depth insights into effective shot selection, strategic play, and real-time error correction—all without the pressure of being on the court. These sessions are beneficial for players at any skill level looking to enhance their performance.

Taught by Senior Pro Player and Master Teaching Professional Tony Roig.

live pro match game study with tony roig

What you'll learn in a Game Study

The patterns that make your opponents predictable.

What strategies work and what strategies don't.

To identify YOUR problem causing patterns .

Ideal strategies to exploit opportunities and avoid danger.

How to "SEE" the game in a way that gives your team the advantage.

To diagnose and correct mechanical errors in real time.

Optimal strategies to frustrate your opponents.

To become a confident and competent pickleball player.

Improve your "Pickleball IQ" with our Expert guidance

Critically reviewing pickleball play on video under the watchful eye of a coach is an amazing (and fun) way to better understand strategy, shot mechanics and improve your knowledge of the game without the stress of being on the court.

Why Game Study?

In each LIVE Game Study, we break down recorded matches and identify what is done well and areas for improvement.

These matches are handpicked for their exceptional content, offering insights into various aspects of the game.

You will learn to apply the principles taught in the Game Study to your game. No matter your level, you will walk away from a Game Study with a better understanding of pickleball.

Upcoming Game Studies

Attend one or all of the classes

Senior Pro Play Live Game Study
(60 min) – June 

Wednesday, June 19th 2024
4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern

Ever wonder what a pro player sees on the court that you don't?

Get into the mind of Coach Tony as he breaks down one of his own Senior Pro Matches. What he was thinking and seeing as he played. Why did Tony hit the ball towards the player on the left? What made him decide to poach the next time? He will tell you his exact thought process – even when he (on occasion) makes a mistake.😆 Learn it directly from the mouth of your coach/player and ask him the questions that you have about the game. 

The Latest Third Shot Drop Strategy (75 min) – July

Wednesday, July 24th 2024
4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern

If you have third-shot questions, Coach Tony has the answers. 

This live game study combines two of the best learning tools available to improve your strategic understanding of pickleball: game tape study and whiteboard court work. Coach Tony will show you how the pros approach the third shot drop – how they hit it, where they hit it, and how they move after it. He will also cover third-shot drives / fifth-shot drops and other strategies used by pro players to overcome their positional disadvantage and get to where they can win more. 

Your Better Pickleball Coach

Tony Roig

Hello there. As an unabashed pickleball superfan myself, I look forward to sharing this awesome pickleball journey with you. Not only has pickleball changed my life as I've evolved into a Senior Pro Player, but I've also seen it radically enhance the lives of thousands of players. This is what keeps me doing what we do...helping pickleball players all over strengthen their relationship with this amazing sport. I've been called a master strategist and impactful pickleball content creator. And, yes, I've produced numerous videos for the In2Pickle YouTube channel, am the host of the one-of-a-kind Pickleball Therapy podcast, and I even wrote a book, "Play Pickleball." But what most allows me to confidently stand before you as Your Pickleball Coach comes from years of work and dedication to this profession, including achieving the highest pickleball coaching certification available: Master Teaching Professional and Director with the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Game Studies are generally 60 minutes in length. The July 24 Game Study is 75 minutes

These are LIVE classes starting at 4 PM Pacific/7 PM Eastern. There are no replays or refunds for a missed class.

Game studies are interactive events where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Coach Tony and your fellow players.

For many Zoom events, video is one-way. This isn’t one of those events. We ask that you enable your webcam throughout the event, as your coach and your fellow players will be able to see you and feel your energy. Turning your camera on will help make this session more fun and interactive. 


There are no written materials with this class.

If you and your partner live in the same household, your enrollment covers you both.

You'll need the most recent version of Zoom and an internet connection.

You can watch from any device including your phone, but a device with a larger screen makes for easier viewing.

If you have a camera and microphone that will make it easier for you to ask questions, but if you don't or you are on the go you can put your questions into the chat as well.

Start your journey today with confidence and peace of mind!

We are committed to your satisfaction and success. If you're not completely satisfied with your Game Study experience, you can request a full refund—no questions asked.

Game-Changing Strategies Await!

If you are tired of not really knowing what works and what doesn't and are ready to see the game in a different light, then a Game Study is exactly what you need.