Know how to decide: DROP, DRIVE or SURVIVE with Guest Coaching Professional Tyson
By: Tony Roig | August 23, 2023 |

Know How to Decide: DROP, DRIVE or SURVIVE with Guest Coaching Professional Tyson

Return of serve is coming towards you – what shot should you hit next? Should you hit a drop versus a drive?

Great question.

Basically, what I’m looking for, for instance, on the third shot is what type of ball did my opponent give me. If it’s a slower ball that sits up a little bit higher in my strike zone, then that’s the ball I’m going to go ahead and drive.

If it’s a lower ball that’s easily manageable for myself, then that’s the ball I’m looking to hit my drop.

In this pickleball video we asked Professional Pickleball Coach Tyson to share with us his insights into the different shot options as well as what he looks for when making the decision.

The objective of each shot is to give us the greatest possible chance for success based on the pickleball strategy we select.

0:00 Introduction and demonstration of the 3 different third shot options in pickleball

0:40 Your options when facing a third shot: drop, drive, survive explained

1:50 Tips on how to hit your drive shots in pickleball

2:49 Demonstration of the three different third shot options

4:12 BONUS tip on adjusting your paddle swing based on shot pace

5:21 How to better anticipate the next shot coming your way

6:02 Demonstration of the shots in skinny singles (ghost doubles) so you can see them in action

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