Stacking Masterclass

If you want to take control of your game and up your advantage, then this class is for you!

Who Should Attend The Stacking Lab?


    who want to play to their strengths and hide their weaknesses, regardless of their current level.


    who often play with the same players and groups and are looking for some fresh strategies to surprise their opponents and win more often. 


    who know they need some new tactics to increase their rating and start winning more medals.


    who understand the power of pickleball strategy and want to control their destiny on the court.

The Fundamentals of Stacking

Stacking 101

There's a lot more to stacking than just where to stand on the court, that's just the beginning. In this webinar, we'll focus on stacking mechanics, and the strategy behind them including:

The What's and Why's of stacking

How to effectively stack

Tracking your score and position

Traditional Stack vs. Switch Stack

½ Stack vs. ¾ Stack

Advanced Stacking Concepts

Stacking 201

With the basic stacking strategies under your belt, we'll show you how to apply higher-level stacking tactics to your game and cause your opponent's maximum discomfort on the court.

When to stack--a deep dive

The Shadow Shift

Counter Stacking or the Reverse Stack

Why the feint is problematic

The Lab

Stacking Lab

Now that you've learned the ins and outs of stacking, it's time for an in-depth learning session using real-life game footage.

During the lab we'll show you how to find the opportunities and apply the correct solutions for a variety of situations.

This in-depth game breakdown will deepen your understanding and ability to apply what you've learned to your next game.

All three one hour webinars
plus a bonus video


The VIPickleball Stacking Lab

Designed to help players understand the strategic power of stacking and gain the maximum advantage with minimal effort!