Is Spin Right for Your Pickleball Game? Find Out Now!
By: Tony Roig | June 12, 2024 |

Is Spin Right for Your Pickleball Game? Find Out Now!

Top spin can be helpful to your game but it can also cause a variety of problems. Curious if adding spin to your pickleball game is the right move?

In this video, we dive deep into the benefits and drawbacks of using spin. We are going to show you how to top spin the ball.

But before you start spinning those balls, make sure that you’re able to consistently get the ball over the net into the court the way you want, unattackable, with a flat shot first.

Having consistency in your shot before you add spins is important.

Determine if spin is a good fit for your playing style and you’ll better avoid mistakes that lead to errors.

Watch the full video for expert tips on mastering spin and discover when and how to effectively use topspin and other spin techniques for improving your overall performance on the court.

Tony Roig

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