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The Play Your Best Pickleball Video Hub,
is your gateway to breaking through intermediate and beyond.

Master Your Shots

Learn the secrets to hitting powerful and precise shots that will leave your opponents wondering what to do next.

Strategic Shot Selection

Gain a deeper understanding of when to deploy different shots in diverse game scenarios, enabling you to make smart and strategic moves.

Stay Mentally Focused

Learn practical tips and tricks to keep your cool, stay on track, and cultivate a mindset that allows you to enjoy the game, whether you win or lose.

Who Are We


CJ Johnson

Hey there- Playing your best pickleball goes beyond mastering efficient strokes. It requires a holistic approach that involves both the mind and body. That’s why I founded the Better Pickleball YouTube channel, to help players learn the game, and explore their inner athlete. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same: I'm committed to helping students see their potential and to do everything I can to help them realize their untapped potential. In addition to my expertise in pickleball, I am a PGA Golf Professional, PSIA Ski Instructor, and ISSA Personal Trainer. This diverse background allows me to provide comprehensive guidance to help pickleball players achieve their best performance on and off the court.

Tony Roig

Hello there. Firstly, I am an unabashed pickleball superfan. Not only has pickleball changed my life, I have seen it radically enhance the lives of thousands of players. This is what keeps me doing what we do: helping pickleball players all over strengthen their relationship to this amazing sport. My work includes producing videos for the In2Pickle YouTube channel, hosting the one-of-a-kind Pickleball Therapy podcast, and even writing a book, “Play Pickleball.” I am dedicated to teaching pickleball, earning the highest certification available: Master Teaching Professional from the leading pickleball instruction certification program, the IPTPA. I look forward to sharing this awesome pickleball journey with you.

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