Improve your CONSISTENCY | The Complete Pickleball Grip Guide
By: Tony Roig | August 8, 2023 |

Improve your CONSISTENCY | The Complete Pickleball Grip Guide

Your pickleball grip is your connection to the game. It’s the handshake between you and every epic shot you play, every diving volley, and every sneaky dink. 

Our interaction with the game is through the face of your paddle by making contact attack with the ball. Thus the way you hold the paddle or grip the paddle determines how you interact with the sport completely. 

Now, if you’re comfortable with your current grip, that’s awesome. Keep playing and enjoying the game.

Want to know the kind of grip you’re using? If you’re already playing, is the paddle out of your hand? Now lay your arm on your side, nice and relaxed and shake it out a little bit. Put your paddle out in front of you and just grab it the way you grab it and then hold it out in front of yourself and see if the paddle is 90 degrees to the floor to the court.

If you’re curious about how a simple grip change could really make a difference, we’ll introduce you to our recommended grip, the Continental. Easy to learn, versatile from your backhand to your forehand, and an easy solution to many grip-related limitations.

In this pickleball video, we’ll also explore the pros and cons of common grips like the ‘whack a mole ” or western grip and why you may not be getting the results you want.

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