How to Quickly Warm Up for Pickleball
By: Tony Roig | April 6, 2024 |

How to Quickly Warm Up for Pickleball

If you want to play your best from the time you hit the courts to the time you leave, spend a few minutes getting your body and mind ready to play.

Most players underestimate the significance of a warmup. That’s your time to get your body and your mind ready to play and avoid;

      • The chance of injury to your cold muscles
      • Inability to maintain focus and stay agile throughout the game

Before you start moving around the court, elevate your heart rate or think of it like huffing and puffing. A great way to do that is walking purposefully, as as fast as you can, or perhaps a light jog, if there’s a distance from the parking lot to the court.

Don’t have that? No problem. Do it on a court or around the court, or even on the sides. Simply start by moving laterally to get your heart rate elevated.

One of my favorite drills is to pick a line and go forward and back over the line. As your body starts to warm up, increase the pace. But think huffing and puffing. Once you’re there, then you’re ready to do some dynamic stretching.

Watch the full video for the five dynamic stretches with a focus on getting your major muscle groups ready to play using the same type of motion, either a circle or a hinge.


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