How To PersonalizeYour Pickleball Paddle Using An Inexpensive And Easy To Use Solution – Lead Tape
By: Tony Roig | April 18, 2024 |

How to PersonalizeYour Pickleball Paddle Using an Inexpensive and Easy to Use Solution – Lead Tape

Customizing your pickleball paddle is a simple yet powerful way of making it yours and a way to boost your paddle performance. Add lead tape to get the most from your paddle.

I’ll show you how in this video.

We’ll start with understanding the concept of paddle weight, because when we add lead tape to our paddle, we’re changing the weight of the paddle.

A paddle has two different types of weight; scale weight or gross weight which is the amount that the paddle weighs when you lay it on a scale and swing weight which is how the paddle feels when you swing it through the air.

Lead tape can be used to affect or change the power of your paddle so be careful if you just load up a whole bunch of tape making it harder to move it around.

This video is the most comprehensive video on adding lead tape to get the most from your paddle, understanding why we use it, where to apply it and more.

0:00 Introduction to Paddle Weight – Gross Weight / Swing Weight

2:29 Adding Lead Tape to the paddle – why we do it

3:33 Adding power to your paddle

4:45 Balancing your paddle

5:40 WARNING on just adding lead tape to the whole paddle

6:00 3 concepts on how to add lead tape to your paddle

6:45 How to add pure power to your paddle

7:17 How to maximum balance your paddle

7:25 How I do my paddle for maximum speed with ballast

8:11 What are you trying to accomplish with your paddle?

8:26 Lead Tape and Sweetspot

9:18 Bonus – how to protect the top edge of your paddle

10:33 The protective tape I like to use

11:16 Are you going to organize them like me or Jill?

Links Mentioned in the Video

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