How to get the Complete Pickleball Picture so You can Play Your Best Pickleball
By: Tony Roig | July 20, 2023 |

How to Get the Complete Pickleball Picture so You can Play Your Best Pickleball

Want to build a puzzle? Having the puzzle box cover is key. Same for pickleball.

We are given a piece here and a piece there but it can be hard to see the whole game and how each piece fits into it.

And if you’re just feeling lost out on the pickleball court, in this video, I want to show you how to get unstuck and how to not feel lost out on the pickleball court.

And one way to think about it is think about it like you’re building a puzzle. The way to deal with that is you have to understand the framework of this game. You need to understand,  if you want to get unstuck, how the game is put together.

The Framework of Pickleball is what allows you to start seeing the bigger picture. You can see the pieces – and how they all fit together to create this beautiful game.

From the framework, you flow down to objectives. From the objectives come your strategies. And then the very last step are the shots.

0:00 Introduction to the pickleball problem and the solution for you
0:30 Why you are stuck in your pickleball game
1:53 There is a logic – a form – to the game of pickleball
2:56 Pickleball Framework – Objectives – Strategy – Shots
5:00 How can I learn the Framework of Pickleball?
6:36 Signing up for our free workshop

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Tony Roig

Hola. Hello. Konichiwa. After 40 years playing tennis, I am now a full-time pickleball player and professional. As a 5.0 rated Senior Pro Pickleball Player and an IPTPA-certified Master Teaching Professional, my focus is on helping players like you learn to play their best pickleball. In 2016, shortly after starting to play pickleball, my friend Tom and I jumped into the highest division at the first US Open in Naples, Florida. That morning it became clear just how much there is to learn in this seemingly simple sport – a lifetime of learning if you so choose. Since 2018, I have been on a mission to share my knowledge of pickleball so other players can enjoy the game at a higher level and attain their pickleball objectives. When not studying or playing pickleball, I like to travel with my other half, Jill.