Handle HARD Pickleball Shots with these 2 Key Tips
By: Tony Roig | May 16, 2023 |

Handle HARD Pickleball Shots with these 2 Key Tips

If you face hard shots in your pickleball games and are not sure how to handle them, the tips in this video will 100% help you.

They are sometimes called bangers. No matter what you call them, you can still gain control and be a more confident pickleball player, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pickleball player.

The first technique you’re going to learn to control pace is a block folly. You want to be able to block the hard shots that are coming your way.

If you can’t deal with the pace, they’re going to keep testing you. And if you fail the test, they’re going to keep coming at you. I was reminded of the importance of this part of the game in a video recently put out by our friend, Johnson Cole, on his channel.

Here’s the video on the five things he wished he would have known sooner in his game.

Check out the video for the second tip that you need to add to your repertoire in order to deal with the bangers on the court that are just bringing heat so you can handle it better.

0:00 Introduction to facing bangers (Pickleball Hard Hitters)

1:26 The first technique – Block volley

2:10 The second technique – Use the entire pickleball court

2:45 What to do when facing hard hit pickleballs

Thank you Ivo for filming and Charlotte for starring in the video. No criticism of any player is ever intended in any video we make – the discussion is for educational purposes.

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