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The Serve

It's hard to play a game without a serve. These three tips will help you develop consistent and repeatable stroke. Once you've done that then work on depth and accuracy. Only then should you try to add power to your pickleball serve.

Keeping Score

Pickleball scoring is often one of the toughest parts of learning to play. Since each player on a team gets to serve pickleball doubles scoring requires us to use three numbers. Me-You and Who is pickleball scoring made easy!

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The NVZ aka The Kitchen

Arguably the most important rule in pickleball is the non-volley zone rule. The area is known as the non-volley zone, or NVZ, or kitchen, is what separates pickleball from tennis and other racket sports (except badminton from whence pickleball originates). The non-volley zone rule is often misexplained and misunderstood pickleball rule. The non-volley zone rule does not prohibit you from stepping into the non-volley zone. As long as you do not volley the ball in there, you can step into the non-volley zone rule whenever you want.

7 Beginner Mistakes

Being new to a sport is tough. If you're a beginning pickleball player you're going to make some mistakes. Here are 7 mistakes beginning pickleball players make that are easy to fix!

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