Getting Started Introduction to Pickleball Video 2
By: Tony Roig | May 8, 2023 |

Getting Started Introduction to Pickleball- Video 2

Part 2 of the Getting Started Pickleball Series on the things you need to know about the court, the terminology, and the rules of the game.

First thing you might notice about a pickleball court is made up of two halves. Each side is identical, 22 feet long by 20 feet wide.

There are three lines around the outside of the court and two lines on the inside of the court. On the outside of court, this line behind is the baseline. The two lines to the side of the court are appropriately named the sidelines.

The area outside of these lines, the baseline and the sidelines, is the out of bounds.

The other line on the inside of the court is seven feet away from the net. It runs parallel to it. This is the non valley line. This line delineates a zone that is called the non valley zone.

The last thing that you need to know about is the net. The net divides the two halves of the court. Keep in mind, we want to avoid the net. We don’t want to hit balls into the net.

In this video we’re also going to give you the rules for the two types of serves that you can hit.

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