Fix your Volleys into the Net with this How to Pickleball Video
By: Tony Roig | July 4, 2024 |

Fix your Volleys into the Net with this How to Pickleball Video

Fixing a flaw in our pickleball game involves identifying the correct source of the problem.

When hitting a volley, you reach up to the ball with your paddle, and then extend the paddle forward in the direction you want the ball to go. Make sure your body is in the right position from where to execute the shot.

Three things need to work in sync to execute your shots consistently and repeatedly without making a mistake; your body (shoulder) which is the foundation, paddle swing and footwork.

If you’re hitting your volleys down to the net, first place to look will be your footwear. Make sure that you’re moving into the position to keep your shoulders level so that your paddle doesn’t get pulled down.

In this video I show you other common source of missed volleys into the net.

0:00 Introduction to the problem: volley landing in the net

0:38 The mechanics of a pickleball volley

1:34 Defining the problem to be fixed

2:51 The solution to avoid this error

4:07 Putting it all together

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