FIVE KEY PICKLEBALL TIPS to help you Break Out from 3.5+ / 4.0
By: CJ Johnson | June 19, 2023 |

FIVE KEY PICKLEBALL TIPS to help you Break Out from 3.5+ / 4.0

Stuck as a 3.5+ or 4.0- player? Use these 5 solid pickleball tips to your game and you ‘ll play better pickleball.

If you’re stuck, more likely than not, you’re not giving due respect to the net. The pros hit higher over the net on most shots compared to the fours and their opponents that they’re playing are generally going to be better players than the players you’re facing.

You might also be overcooking the shots. Consider looking at the way you’re hitting your shots and the type of shots you’re hitting and ask yourself, what’s the least necessary to get the job done? Could I do less in order to get to the same result?

Not locking down the non volleyball zone advantage that you have when you’re on the return side because you’re hitting hard low returns of serve. To counter this, make sure you’re not hitting your foreshots in the transition zone.

This pickleball video is a part of our continuing work to help players, just like you, learn more and play better pickleball.  Check it out for the five tips that will help you reduce errors and also maximize how you play. You will break out of the rut you are in and continue your pickleball improvement.

0:00 Introduction to the 5 actionable pickleball tips you can use to break out as a player

0:32 Tip No. 1 – the easiest way to reduce your unforced pickleball errors

2:55 Tip No. 2 – Avoid overcooking your pickleball shots – punch volley vs slam

4:15 Tip No. 3 – Lock down the Non-Volley Zone – the pickleball rules are made for you

5:50 Tip No. 4 – Do not invite the pickleball serve team forward – keep them back

7:20 Tip No. 5 – Take advantage of the pickleball serve rules and you will score more points

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