Feeling Elbow Pain? FIX IT by knowing the cause and how to solve it
By: Tony Roig | April 3, 2023 |

Feeling Elbow Pain? FIX IT by Knowing the Cause and How to Solve It

Feeling Elbow Pain? FIX IT by knowing the cause and how to solve it.

Pickleball players sometimes call it tennis elbow or golfers elbow (similar but affects a different part of the elbow). No matter what you call it, that pain in the elbow can keep you off the courts – or playing with pain.

This is not medical advice. If you have any questions about the information in this video and before you do anything suggested in this video, consult with your health care provider.

In this video we share with you 4 common causes of pickleball/tennis/golfers elbow so that you can remove them from your life. We also share with you an additional solution you can implement.

Links are below the breakdown.

0:00 Introduction to Elbow Pain

0:46 Cause No. 1 of your Elbow Pain – Paddle Grip Size

1:27 Cause No. 2 of your Elbow Pain – Paddle Grip Pressure

2:35 Cause No. 3 of your Elbow Pain – Paddle Swingweight

4:16 Cause No. 4 of your Elbow Pain – Improper Stroke (swing) Mechanics

5:03 Introduction to Elbow Pain Solutions

5:20 Solution No. 1 to your Elbow Pain – Remove the Cause

5:41 Solution No. 2 to your Elbow Pain – Use these 3 Exercises

Links Mentioned in the Video

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Icon Paddle Review (the paddle used by CJ)

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