Dink Strategy Secrets: Calculating Risk vs Reward
By: Tony Roig | March 16, 2024 |

Dink Strategy Secrets: Calculating Risk vs Reward


Not all dink strategies are created equal. You need to understand the risk vs reward.

Learn to differentiate risk depending on the side of the court you are playing on.

High risk is a shot that has a lower margin for being successful, so it’s a shot that’s going barely over the net or a shot that you’re trying to hit a zinger.

A low risk shot would be a safer, nice high arc dink over the net. Very safe shot.

Watch the full video as I show you how to differentiate the two risks.

0:00 Introduction to risk and your game

1:20 Risk according to the side you are playing

3:09 Margin for error

4:00 Difference in value of a winning shot serve versus return

6:22 Deciding to take high versus low risk shot

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