Elevate Your Strategy

How To Win From Every Area Of The Court

Think of this course as your go-to playbook for turning every spot on the court into an opportunity for success

In "4.0+ Court Control: How To Win From Every Area Of The Court," Nicole Havlicek from Primetime Pickleball will guide you through mastering the three pivotal phases of a rally.

Learn the ins and outs of choosing the perfect moment to go on the offensive, when to adopt a defensive stance, or when staying neutral is your best bet. Her in-depth analysis of live gameplay will change your view of the game.

This course is tailor-made for advanced players eager to elevate their game, refine their strategies, and assert dominance on the court from any position.


You'll learn to

Recognize the dynamic transitions between defense, neutral, and offense required for dynamic play.

Identify optimal moments to attack and execute timely attacks.

Adopt a strategic defense and set up for a strong counterattack.

Stay a step ahead by reading the game and adjusting your strategy on the fly.

Use neutral positions as a strategic advantage to prepare for your next move.

Leverage court position for a tactical advantage to dictate the rally pace and direction.

Module 1 - Three Phases Of A Point

Discover the three phases of every rally and the strategies needed for each phase. 

Module 2 - Identifying Each Phase

Understand the differences between the defensive, neutral, and offensive phases to learn how to turn the rally to your favor.

Module 3 - Deciphering the Rally - Live Point Breakdown

Learn to read the dynamics in the rally to make instant decisions on what to do next. 

Analyzing Each Phase - Live Point Breakdown

Real-game examples to show you how to successfully navigate through the phases leading to winning points.

"Winning the Phase" Playbook

Now that you understand the phases, Nicole will guide you through the decision making process of several rallies to enhance your learning. 

Meet Your Coach

Nicole Havlicek Primetime PickleballHeadshot

Nicole Havlicek

Nicole played on the varsity tennis team at the University of California at Berkeley. After an early career in finance she found her passion in coaching.

She discovered pickleball in 2016 and, like most, she fell in love with the sport. Soon after, she became a 5.0 level pickleball player as well as an IPTPA certified pickleball coach.

Nicole co-founded primetimepickleball.com and its associated YouTube channel in 2017. PrimeTime Pickleball's mission is to deliver world-class online pickleball instruction in an engaging format that is also highly useful and informative. The YouTube channel was the first to reach 100K+ subscribers in the pickleball category and continues to be a leader in the space.

Nicole’s passion is helping pickleball players make breakthrough improvements in their game, which catapult them to new levels of play and deeper enjoyment of the game.

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Learn to Win From Anywhere On The Court