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By: Tony Roig | February 3, 2024 |

Confident pickleball is what this shot will give you

There are two shots you must have if you want to play a complete pickleball game. In this pickleball video we go over the first of these shots: the dink.

Having a ‘simple,’ reliable dink is important because it allows you to get out of trouble.

Three keys you can use to start improving your dink

The keys to the stroke we share with you on this video apply on the transition zone as well as at the baseline.

  1. It’s a very simple stroke. It’s intentionally simple because it’s the shot you use when in trouble. You don’t want to have a complicated shot when in a tough spot.
  2. The shot is going high over the net. You want to have a lot of respect for the net, and this shot in particular, because, again, you’re in trouble. So you’re going to want to make sure that you give the ball a lot of clearance over the net.
  3. It’s a very relaxed shot. Even when you’re under stress, if you’ve worked on this shot a little bit, you’ll be able to be nice, relaxed and just lift that ball over the net, dropping it inside the most important part of the pickle ball court, the non-volley zone, to get yourself out of trouble and live to hit another shot.

Three benefits from developing a reliable dink shot

Vast amount of confidence. You will know that no matter what shot your opponent hit towards you, you can hit a dink back towards me that is unattackable, neutralizing whatever they’ve done to you. You gain lot’s of calm and confidence once you know how to hit this shot.

You can use that shot as your third shot drop. From all the way back at the baseline. It’s the exact same mechanics for that shot as it is from anywhere else on the court. You learn how to hit it and you will have developed an amazing third shot drop.

You can get out of any tough situation. No matter what happens to you on the court, no matter what shots come in your way, you know that you can drop it into the non-volley zone in the opposite court getting yourself out of the jam.

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