The Dirty Little Secret that the Hard Game is Hiding

By Tony Roig / August 11, 2023 /

There may be nothing more effective at keeping players from fully realizing their pickleball selves than a mis-leveled hard game. In this article we shine a light on this dirty little secret in the hope of liberating more pickleball players from the current hard game delusion and help to put them on a path to…

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Forehand Takes the Middle or Do You Respect the X?

By Tony Roig / January 15, 2022 /

A commonly heard phrase in the pickleball community is the “forehand takes the middle.” A player often uses it right before they cross the centerline to hit a middle ball traveling to the opposite side of the court. But is that the right strategy? Do you know “Respect the X?” Early on in our path…

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The Soft Game Is Always the Right Answer

By Tony Roig / December 18, 2021 /

Pickleball is an odd sport. In many other sports, the game gets faster the more you advance. Tennis serves get harder. Baseball pitches faster. And so on. That’s not the nature of Pickleball. It’s actually is backward. As you advance in the game, the game does not speed up. To the contrary, it slows down.…

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7 Steps to Awesome Pickleball

By CJ Johnson / February 27, 2021 /

7 tips 2.26.21 – external

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Improve Your Balance

By CJ Johnson / April 7, 2020 /

Balance Exercises group training

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