Open Letter to Pickleball Paddle Manufacturers – You’re Missing This

By Tony Roig / May 27, 2023 /

From Tony’s Desk: When looking to purchase a pickleball paddle, we are told the paddle’s weight (scale weight to be clear – more below), grip size, paddle length and width (and depth, which is often called width), and perhaps some of the materials that go into making the paddle core and face. There is, however,…

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The Definitive Pickleball Paddle Selection Guide

By Tony Roig / May 23, 2023 /

There are hundreds of pickleball paddles on the market. How do you pick the perfect paddle for you? Rather than buying a pickleball paddle just because you saw a pro or fellow player using it, take a few minutes to learn the most essential parts of the paddle and the pickleball paddle characteristics you should…

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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Pickleball Shoes

By Tony Roig / November 22, 2021 /

 Your paddle is important, sure. But what about the gear that gets you to where you need to be to swing the paddle? Yep, your shoes. Playing in the right pickleball shoes is arguably even more critical than the paddle you play with. Playing with the wrong shoes can cause you difficulty on the…

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Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle Review

By Tony Roig / August 18, 2021 /
Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle

The Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle is the best paddle you haven’t heard of … yet. If you are looking for a paddle that offers perhaps the best overall playability; comfort, control, power, and feel of any paddle out there, read on.   Update 3.22.23 – CJ and Jill are still playing the original Diadem Icon…

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Know the head balance of your paddle

By Tony Roig / August 5, 2020 /

Calculate the head balance of your pickleball paddle. Here is how.

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Ready for Your Next Pickleball Paddle?

By CJ Johnson / May 16, 2020 /

Are you considering upgrading your current pickleball paddle, but you’re not sure what to get or how to choose the best one? You’re not alone! Many of us likely purchased our first pickleball paddle based on price. After all, we didn’t know if we would like pickleball, and frankly, most of us probably wouldn’t have…

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Picking a Pickleball Ball – there are differences

By Tony Roig / May 15, 2020 /

Should you pick the Dura 40, Franklin X-40, Penn, Onix? Pickleball ball selection is a thing. Understanding what balls are best under what circumstances will help you enjoy better play.

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Your Pickleball Paddle Grip – Don’t Overlook It

By Tony Roig / December 20, 2019 /

The paddle grip is the connection between paddle and player.

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The Best Shoes For Pickleball

By CJ Johnson / August 20, 2019 /

Many players arrive at the courts ready to play in a running or cross training shoe. Is that the best shoe or do you need to have special shoes to play pickleball? You might be thinking back to your youth when most of us had one pair of sneakers for every sport we played. The…

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Playing Tip: Get a Grip on Pickleball Paddle Care

By CJ Johnson / August 30, 2018 /

Taking care of your Pickleball Paddle is going to make it last longer and perform better. Paddles collect particles and body oils just as your sunglasses do. Grips get slippery and wear with time. Here are a few pickleball paddle care basics. Wipe the paddle face weekly with a mild soap and damp cloth. It will…

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