You Will Become a Better Pickleball Player by Playing More-Right?

By Tony Roig / January 22, 2022 /

You love the game, and you want to play your best pickleball. So you carve out time in your schedule to play more. Before you know it, you’re playing 4-5 days every week. But will more time playing help you become the pickleball player you want to be? We asked you – and a thousand…

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Ultimate Pickleball Drill-The Octopus

By CJ Johnson / October 3, 2020 /

What if there was a pickleball drill that could improve your accuracy, boost your fitness, give you better footwork, increase your confidence, and enhance your touch? Would you want to know about it? Sound too good to be true? It can also increase your target awareness and help you understand how to control a shot…

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Pickleball Reset Shot: Don’t Get Caught In “No Man’s Land”

By CJ Johnson / June 27, 2020 /

Are you noticing that as you move up in levels, you’re required to hit different shots? Do you need a shot, to get from the baseline to the non-volley zone, a shot that works in the transition area? You need a reset shot. One shot you need to acquire to become a better player is…

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By Tony Roig / October 28, 2019 /

Drilling is a key to improvement – BUT, only if done properly.

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