Setting goals for your pickleball game
Mental Game
4 Ways to Craft Your Resolutions, Intentions, and Goals for Pickleball Success in the New Year
2023 is winding down quickly! Most of us don’t think too much about our goals for the new year until New Year’s Eve, but having a good plan in advance…
Your Complete Guide to Pickleball Improvement
Pickleball players want to improve. At least we know you do. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article. What are you doing about it? It’s so easy to get…
Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court
You want to play pickleball. But there are no pickleball courts available. No problem; as long as there’s a tennis court nearby you can play pickleball.  Just a basic tennis court…
Improve your Pickleball Results – Play Process Pickleball
Want better results on the pickleball court? Then do not focus on the results. Instead focus on the process. The results will naturally follow.
Top Ten Reasons You Should Play Pickleball
Not sure about pickleball? Here are our Top 10 Reasons. A sport for life.
Don’t let the tail wag the pickleball dog
To improve as a pickleball player you need to understand that playing pickleball is a process. The results will follow. Good process = good results.
Three Strategies to Avoid Unforced Errors
Unforced errors are the bane of a pickleball player's existence. A few tips on how to avoid them.
Pickleball rec play will NOT help you improve
Rec play is awesome - just not for improving your game.
Pickleball – the lawn tennis of our time
If pickleball continues along its current trend, pickleball should surpass tennis as the king of the racket court sports - the history of tennis itself foretells this future.
How the Return of Serve Controls the Point
At some point, it’s likely that you’ve heard the deep return of serve is an important part of playing good pickleball. But is it just the depth of the return…
Avoid Pickleball Injuries with Proper Warmup
You know the drill, you show up at the court start hitting a couple of shots, usually a dink because that’s what someone told you to do. Someone else arrives…
Practice like a GOAT
Even the best of all time practice - and practice with focus. We can all learn from them.
Playing Tip: How to Handle Bangers
Most of us have seen our share of “bangers” on the pickleball court. Bangers are those hard-hitting players who love the driving forehand shot and the big slams. Whether they picked…
Playing Tip: The 10% Challenge
So you are in the groove, playing pretty well and syncing with your partner of the moment. Suddenly everything gets thrown off balance because one of your opponents, or maybe…
Playing Tip: The Two Inch Advantage
Two inches doesn’t sound like much. But, would you like your waist to be 2 inches smaller? If your hair grew 2 inches, would you need a haircut? The pickleball…