It's not too late to start playing pickleball
Is It Too Late to Hop On The Pickleball Bandwagon?
I’ve heard pickleball has exploded on the scene but am I behind the curve? Is it too late to jump on the pickleball bandwagon? Lately, I seem to be going…
Getting out of the desert and improving your pickleball game
Finding Your Way Out of the Desert and Improving Your Pickleball Game
Are you ready to stop playing the same as you did yesterday? I want to challenge you to think objectively about yourself and your game. Only then can I make…
Should you try to spin the pickleball?
Most pickleball players, at some point, want to add spins into their games. The belief is that adding spins is what is missing to help a player “break out.” This…
Pickleball GPS
Does your pickleball game need a GPS?
If you ever use GPS on your phone to find directions, you know you need two points: where you want to go and where you are. The GPS refers to…
Pickleball Paddle Position-It’s NOT Just the Paddle!
There are several schools of thought regarding the pickleball paddle position, but they’re all focused on a small piece of the pie. If you’re past 50, it’s not only the…
Pickleball Beginner Strategy-When to Run to the Net
If you’re new to pickleball, you know that there is no shortage of advice, especially when it comes to the non-volley zone. Someone tells you to run to the net…
Want to play consistent pickleball? Watch the Ball!
Consistency is Queen or King on the pickleball court. If you can learn to do what dogs do when they’re catching a ball, you’ll be surprised at how much your…
The Best Pickleball Grip
What’s the best pickleball grip? Like most things pickleball, the answer is it depends. If you come from another racket or paddle sport, chances are you’re going to bring that grip…
Pickleball rally scoring
Pickleball Rally Scoring-A Complete How to Guide
Does pickleball need to change to rally scoring? Not sure what it is, or perhaps you’ve never tried it? Here’s a complete guide to rally scoring.   With the explosive…
The Elusive Pickleball Split Step-What, When and Why
  When you’re playing pickleball, do you find yourself off balance and unable to change directions? Perhaps somebody has told you that you’re running through the ball? Maybe people are…
Discover the Secret Benefits to Good Footwork
The importance of proper footwork is perhaps one of the least understood skills in pickleball. After all, the court is small, why focus on footwork? Pickleball is no different than…
The #1 Mistake Killing Your Pickleball Game
When you started playing, you saw rapid improvement, but as time went on, you plateaued. You feel stuck at the same level and don’t understand what’s keeping you from progressing.…
now Im confused
How to Play Pickleball Without Advice from a Partner
If you were like me, you were handed a pickleball paddle, hit a few shots, got a quick rules overview followed buy LOTS and LOTS of FREE advice! Each new…
Make 2022 Your Best Pickleball Year Yet!
Most pickleball players want to improve; to grow in the game and their understanding of this awesome sport. That is a good first step for those players who are interested…
For Pickleball
See Better – Play Better Pickleball
Are you looking to improve as a pickleball player? To have more confidence as balls come whizzing at you on the court? If you are reading this, I would venture…