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It's not too late to start playing pickleball
Is It Too Late to Hop On The Pickleball Bandwagon?
I’ve heard pickleball has exploded on the scene but am I behind the curve? Is it too late to jump on the pickleball bandwagon? Lately, I seem to be going…
Pickleball Open Play-A beginners guide
Beginners Corner
Pickleball Open Play – A Beginner’s Guide
Pickleball is a fun and social sport that’s becoming increasingly popular in communities across the world. If you’re interested in trying out the sport, open play is a great way…
Pickleball open play
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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: How to Navigate Your First Pickleball Open Play
Open Play is one of the many incredible things about pickleball. You don’t need to find other players, coordinate schedules and locate an open pickleball court. You show up at…
Pickleball-When can you be in the kitchen
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Pickleball-When Can You Be In the Kitchen?
[In this series of Getting Started articles, we share several beginner pickleball tips to help you get started on the right foot. These tips will help you whether you have…
Pickleball Fast Facts
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Pickleball 101-A Quick Guide
Are looking for a new sport to try? Or perhaps you are looking for quick way to explain pickleball to your friends? Pickleball is as fun as its name. With…
What is pickleball
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What is Pickleball?
  Has someone told you about a fun game with a pretty strange name? Or perhaps you’re tired of explaining it to your friends when they say, “pickle what?” When…
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In the Pickleball Kitchen with Kelly and Ryan
 Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest recently hosted brothers Ben and Colin Johns on their Live morning show. They got a few quick pointers along with an ominous warning from…
Beginners Corner
The One Pickleball Fundamental You HAVE to Understand
The one pickleball fundamental you have to understand Pickleball is more than just getting the ball over the net and into the court. Pickleball is easy to learn but it can take a lifetime to master every aspect of the game. The first fundamental that you have to understand is that the strategies when you are the serve team differ from the strategies when you are the return team. If you do not understand this difference, you cannot succeed as a player. Period. When you are the serve team, you are at a disadvantage because of the Two-Bounce Rule. The disadvantage is that your opponents (the return team) will be able to move up to the NVZ line before you. Most successful doubles pickleball is played at the NVZ line. You must first neutralize that disadvantage and get you into position to win the rally and score a point. When you are the return team, you have the positional advantage of being able to control the NVZ line first. You must maintain that advantage and make it as difficult as possible for the serve team to score a point. Neutralizing when you are on the serve side of the ball and maintaining your advantage when you are on the return side of the ball is how you will win more rallies and, as a result, win more games.