Bye Bye Paddle - Pickleball Paddle Gone Bad?
By: Tony Roig | June 12, 2023 |

Bye Bye Paddle – Pickleball Paddle Gone Bad?

Is your pickleball paddle past it’s prime? Here’s how you can tell.

I’m going to share with you several factors that will help you determine whether your paddle has gone bad and give you some ideas on how to replace it.

I’ll give you ideas on how you can determine whether your paddle may have gone bad. I’m also going to give you some tips on how to optimize your paddle to avoid damage to your paddle.

0:00 Introduction to factors to determine pickleball paddle replacement

0:35 Factors that you should consider in our paddle’s life expectancy

An obvious one would be any impact to the paddle can cause damage to the paddle.

Another factor you got to think about is how are you taking care of your paddle in terms of where do you store it? If you’re storing your paddle in your car, it’s like putting your paddle into an oven. Paddles have a lot of glue components on the paddle that holds everything or some adhesive.

2:41 Tips to determine that your paddle is damaged

Edge guard separation- Edge guards are more than just for cosmetics or for the look of the paddle. They actually hold everything together and with a separation, the paddle won’t play as well because it doesn’t have the structural integrity that it needs.

Look for dead spots in your paddle. If you find that your paddle plays differently in different parts of your paddle, then that’s a sign that you may need to replace your paddle.

4:58 Signs when your play with your paddle that something is amiss

Number one, look at how your paddle or hear how your paddle sounds. Combine that with, do you have dead spots on your paddle?

Are you hitting balls in a way that, as before, they don’t feel the same on your paddle, indicating a potential dead spot?

Also, if the ball starts traveling, usually less distance, it may be time to change your paddle.

6:14 When to start thinking about paddle replacement

7:09 Try (demo) several paddles next time you are looking (demo program link below)


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