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Open Letter to Pickleball Paddle Manufacturers – You’re Missing This

From Tony's Desk: When looking to purchase a pickleball paddle, we are told the paddle’s weight (scale weight to be clear – more below), grip size, paddle length and width (and depth, which is often called width), and perhaps some of the materials that go into making the paddle core and face. There is, however, one hugely important piece of information that is missing from the pickleball paddle specifications that are provided: the paddle’s swingweight or, at a minimum, its balance (more on each below). This is why last week we published an Open Letter to all pickleball paddle manufacturers ...
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lost the rally

Is That The Reason You Lost The Rally?

I enjoy playing with different levels of pickleball players. From pro players to beginners. Go out there and bat the ball around, share some laughs and get some movement in. One of the things that stands out to me is ...
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Is it the W

Why do you play pickleball? Is it the “W”?

We all come to pickleball looking for something. Some of us wanted to exercise or to get out of the house. Others were looking for a social outlet. And yet others play pickleball for a competitive outlet. Whatever brought you ...
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Your Complete Guide to Pickleball Improvement

Pickleball players want to improve. At least we know you do. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article. What are you doing about it? It’s so easy to get lost in the ever-growing sea of pickleball content. How does ...
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How to out bang pickleball bangers-or should you?

One of the conundrums many pickleball players experience is how to develop an effective strategy when they are staring at a banger on the other side of the net. Pickleball bangers have been a part of pickleball since at least ...
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Want To Learn How To Be Good At Pickleball?

Recently Sheri sent us this question: We live in an area that lacks a qualified pickleball instructor. Since both of us are over 60, what can we do to play smarter and more competitive pickleball? First, we want to congratulate ...
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You Will Become a Better Pickleball Player by Playing More-Right?

You love the game, and you want to play your best pickleball. So you carve out time in your schedule to play more. Before you know it, you're playing 4-5 days every week. But will more time playing help you ...
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Forehand Takes the Middle or Do You Respect the X?

A commonly heard phrase in the pickleball community is the "forehand takes the middle." A player often uses it right before they cross the centerline to hit a middle ball traveling to the opposite side of the court. But is ...
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WHY the Pickleball Soft Game is Always the Right Answer

We titled our previous blog post “The Soft Game is Always the Right Answer.” While the majority of the feedback has been positive, some apparently misunderstood the statement. In this blog, I want to explain why the pickleball soft game ...
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Make 2022 Your Best Pickleball Year Yet!

Most pickleball players want to improve; to grow in the game and their understanding of this awesome sport. That is a good first step for those players who are interested in improvement. BUT … Intention without action will not get ...
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The Soft Game Is Always the Right Answer

Pickleball is an odd sport. In many other sports, the game gets faster the more you advance. Tennis serves get harder. Baseball pitches faster. And so on. That's not the nature of Pickleball. It's actually is backward. As you advance ...
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2022 Pickleball Rules- The Drop Serve

The 2022 revisions to the USA Pickleball Rules (technically the IFP Official Rulebook) have been announced. The "provisional" qualifier was dropped (is there a pun there) from the Drop Serve rules. What this means is that the Drop Serve is ...
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Do you plan where to hit the pickleball or are you more reactionary?

Intentionality is a big concept. It covers a lot of ground. CJ and I use intentionality as a guiding principle in everything we do at Better Pickleball. From videos to camps to a phone conversation with a member. A great ...
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