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How to Evaluate Your Performance with Positive Pickleball Metrics

We all evaluate our performance when we play. Some may use a different metric (performance = how we did vis a vis our metric), but most players use the Win/Loss metric. Win lots of games, and we feel great. Lose lots of games, and we feel not as great. The objective of this article is not to debunk the W/L Metric – that is debunked in this article: https://betterpickleball.com/why-do-you-play-pickleball/. The objective of this article is to explore other pickleball metrics that we can use when we play; metrics that are more productive – on and off the court. There is ...
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How to Play Pickleball Without Advice from a Partner

If you were like me, you were handed a pickleball paddle, hit a few shots, got a quick rules overview followed buy LOTS and LOTS of FREE advice! Each new partner dutifully shared their insights on how to play pickleball. ...
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