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Covering the Court as a Team
Ever play a team that covers the court so well it’s hard to score a point? They always seem to get a paddle on the ball no matter what? In…
Moving to the Net as a Team
My guess is at some point you have been told after you return the serve, no matter what type of shot you or your partner hit, run as fast as…
3rd Shot Drops
Pickleball Drills-The 3rd Shot
I can hear a few of you groaning now, the 3rd shot. AGAIN? Arguably the 3rd shot is one of the most difficult shots to hit consistently at any level.…
Non-Volley Zone
Pickleball Drills-Shuffling Dink
Even if you aren’t really into practice, something we call the shuffling dink is a great warm up before you play. It gets your heart rate up and leaves you…
Down the Middle Solves the Pickleball Riddle
You’ve got a good rally going, you force the error and your opponent gives you the opportunity to finish the point and then boom, you hit a sharply angled shot…
Stretch After Pickleball? Why?
Do you stretch when you are finished playing? If you take a quick look around the courts surprisingly few people take just a few minutes to cool down and stretch.…
Non-Volley Zone
Stay at the Net to Play Better Pickleball
  You’ve probably been taught the importance of moving to the net at as quickly as possible. Getting there is half the battle now you need to stay at the…