Experience Tailored Training in an Intimate Setting

Transform Your Game at Our Exclusive Small-Group Pickleball Retreat

Experience Our Most Personalized Coaching Yet: an intimate two-day intensive at our private retreat. Join a small, focused group with renowned coaching duo CJ Johnson and Tony Roig who will provide in-depth, tailored advice to elevate your pickleball skills and ensure long-lasting performance

You’ll receive comprehensive guidance focusing on refining your technique, enhancing your strategy, improving your physical fitness, and strengthening your mindset. This holistic approach not only prepares you for immediate improvements but also sets the foundation for sustained success in your game.

All insights and strategies are integrated into your exclusive Picklescription—a personalized action plan unique in our sport, tailored just for you to ensure ongoing development and longevity in pickleball.

Getting Started Right-The Beginner Course

What you'll experience

Customized Coaching: Experience personalized coaching that adapts to your specific skills and goals, ensuring that every lesson directly enhances your playing technique and strategic thinking.

Exclusive Setting: Train in an intimate, private setting with a maximum of 12 participants, offering you undivided attention and an environment conducive to focused improvement.

Holistic Development: Embrace a comprehensive approach that integrates mental and physical training techniques, enhancing your overall game readiness and resilience on and off the court.

Stronger and more focused mindset, breaking you free from negative thoughts.

Premium Retreat Experience: Delight in carefully selected gourmet meals and relax in serene, comfortable settings, all designed to enhance your learning experience and ensure you enjoy every moment of your retreat.

Personalized Feedback: Receive customized guidance from two of the best coaches in pickleball today, ensuring you get the best advice for your game.

Gain Clarity Get insights into your current skills and the specific steps needed to advance, with targeted advice for moving forward.

Extensive On-Court Interaction: Enjoy significant time on the court directly with CJ and Tony, benefiting from their expert coaching in real-time. Including the Play with Us sessions

In-Depth Individual Assessment: Benefit from an expanded assessment tailored to your needs, providing deeper insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Exclusive Small Group Setting: Experience the retreat with just 12 players, ensuring a more intimate and focused learning environment.

This retreat isn’t just about improving your game; it's about redefining it.

From the moment you step onto our exclusive courts, you’ll join a passionate community of players, all committed to refining their skills and strategies. This intimate setting and committed group of coaches and players ensures you leave with enhanced techniques and a deeper connection to the sport.


Comprehensive Coaching

Dive into a day of intensive training with CJ and Tony, focused on all 3 Pillars of Pickleball: Mechanical, Strategic, and Athletic (Mind/Body connection). Time on-court with your coaches includes personalized consultations and skill assessments to pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement.

Personalized Play Sessions

Get on the court with Coach CJ and Tony during designated "Play with Us" sessions. These sessions are designed for you to put your skills into practice and receive instant feedback and strategic advice. 

Customized "Picklescription"

Under the guidance of CJ and Tony’s you’ll design your Picklescription or your custom action plan. Your plan will be specifically tailored to continue your development after the camp, ensuring that the growth and insights gained during the intensive are integrated into your game.  

Advanced Swingvision Technology

Experience cutting-edge video technology to capture detailed gameplay data, offering targeted insights for your improvement that you can review and refer to later.

Off-Court Conversations

Throughout the day we’ll have both formal and informal conversations where we'll explore pickleball strategies, techniques, and more. 

Chef Prepared Meals

Start with a catered breakfast, enjoy snacks throughout the day, followed by a gourmet lunch, and conclude with a private chef dinner, each designed to keep you fueled and focused.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1: Welcome Night and Social Play 

5 PM - 8 PM 

Welcome Cocktail Party: Kick off the retreat in style in a relaxed, social atmosphere at our welcome party. Enjoy handcrafted drinks, heavy appetizers, and a fun, casual evening of play. This relaxed setting is the perfect way to get to know CJ and Tony and your fellow players.  

Day 2: Full-Day Intensive 

Time: 8 AM - 8 PM

Morning Schedule - 8:00 – 12:00 

Breakfast 8:00-9:00 

9:00 – 9:15 Warmup and Stretch as a group 


Groups of 6 for 1.5 hours each rotation 

CJ – complete body workout, balance work, flexibility, other? 

Tony – complete shot check routine: Serve/ROS, dinks (short, medium, and long/third shot drop), block volley, punch volley. I will need a ball feeder to help with this so that I can be with the students. Will also need a notetaking person keeping track of what each player needs for their Picklescription. 

Complete strategic checks. Return side and serve side. Me and the asst. pro will rotate the players through our station to check each of their elements. 

12:15 – 1:30 Lunch and Conversation 

1:30 – 5:00 

Play with us 

Coach play 

5:00 – 6:00 Optional / Break time 

6:00 – 8:00 Dinner and Wrap 

Meet the Better Pickleball Coaches

There's no need to trust your game to a stranger. Plus...You Already KNOW and Trust Your Coaches


CJ Johnson

Hey, pickleball friends. CJ here. Playing your best pickleball goes beyond mastering efficient strokes. It requires a holistic approach that involves both the mind and body. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same. I'm committed to helping students see their potential and to do everything I can to help them realize their untapped capabilities. In 2016 I started the Better Pickleball Channel. In addition to my pickleball expertise, I have logged many years of experience in helping enhance the performance of athletes across multiple sports. With my background as a PGA Golf Pro, PSIA Ski Instructor, and ISSA Personal Trainer, I help pickleball players achieve their best performance on and off the court. My years as an athlete and coach have given me a keen eye for discerning what can help you improve the most. My passion is to stand at your side as you continue to discover and grow in this amazing sport.

Tony Roig

Hello there. As an unabashed pickleball superfan myself, I look forward to sharing this awesome pickleball journey with you. Not only has pickleball changed my life as I've evolved into a Senior Pro Player, but I've also seen it radically enhance the lives of thousands of players. This is what keeps me doing what we do...helping pickleball players all over strengthen their relationship to this amazing sport. I've been called a master strategist and impactful pickleball content creator. And, yes, I've produced numerous videos for the In2Pickle YouTube channel, am host of the one-of-a-kind Pickleball Therapy podcast, and I even wrote a book, "Play Pickleball". But what most allows me to stand before you as your pickleball Coach comes as a result of my earning the highest pickleball coaching certification available...a Master Teaching Professional from the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association).

Tony Bio

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