BEHIND THE SCENES Sr. Pro Pickleball Play
By: Tony Roig | March 14, 2023 |

BEHIND THE SCENES Sr. Pro Pickleball Play

Pickleball is pickleball. Whether you are a pro pickleball player or just getting started.

We all play the same game. The difference is in what we see and how we execute the shots.

In this video I share with you behind the scenes during my day of play.

What I saw – good and could be better.

0:00 Introduction to the day of a senior pro player

0:43 Drilling backhand volleys – fast hands

1:13 Game 1 – How NOT to defend an attack body shot and more

2:33 Tips you can use

3:24 Best decision of my day – gotta let the out balls go

4:23 Key takeaways for me and for you


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Tony Roig

Hola. Hello. Konichiwa. After 40 years playing tennis, I am now a full-time pickleball player and professional. As a 5.0 rated Senior Pro Pickleball Player and an IPTPA-certified Master Teaching Professional, my focus is on helping players like you learn to play their best pickleball. In 2016, shortly after starting to play pickleball, my friend Tom and I jumped into the highest division at the first US Open in Naples, Florida. That morning it became clear just how much there is to learn in this seemingly simple sport – a lifetime of learning if you so choose. Since 2018, I have been on a mission to share my knowledge of pickleball so other players can enjoy the game at a higher level and attain their pickleball objectives. When not studying or playing pickleball, I like to travel with my other half, Jill.