Avoid These Common Pickleball Mistakes: Non Volley Zone Rule Explained
By: Tony Roig | October 18, 2023 |

Avoid These Common Pickleball Mistakes: Non Volley Zone Rule Explained

The Pickleball Non-Volley Zone (or Pickleball Kitchen) Rule is often misunderstood. This leads to inferior play on the court.

It’s also a potential for unnecessary disagreement during pickleball games.

For instance, you do not have to wait for the ball to bounce before you move into the non-volley zone. That is a commonly misunderstood part of this rule. It’s incorrect to move in once the ball bounces.

Now, the best way to think about the non-volley zone rule is to first ask yourself- was there a volley?

We’re going to set up four very common scenarios that get asked about all the time. Then we’re going to tell you the rule that applies in those scenarios.

Stop wondering about the rule and get the answers you are looking for. You will know more about pickleball and be able to play your best.

This pickleball video is the most complete video on the Non-Volley Zone Rule. Also learn about the basic 2-part rule as well as the Momentum Rule and the Re-establishment Rule in the video.

0:00 Introduction to the Non-Volley Zone Rule
0:41 Pickleball groundstroke and volley comparison
1:37 Scenario 1 – The dink
2:27 Scenario 2 – The running into the Non-Volley Zone
4:14 Scenario 3 – The Momentum Rule
6:09 Scenario 4 – The Re-Establishment Rule

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