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weight management
6 Habits Fit People Over 50 Use to Stay Healthy
There are six basic habits that are a cornerstone of fitness for people over 50. But before we begin, remember that it is all based on clean eating. All that…
Playing Tip: Get a Grip on Pickleball Paddle Care
Taking care of your Pickleball Paddle is going to make it last longer and perform better. Paddles collect particles and body oils just as your sunglasses do. Grips get slippery…
Injury Prevention
Eye Protection for Sports
In 1984, while playing a casual round of golf, I heard someone yell my name, and I turned. Even though that injury occurred more than 30 years ago, I can still…
Mental Fitness
17 Pickleball Lessons and Life Hacks from Golf
What can a golf tournament teach us about pickleball, and how to live a better life on and off the courts? If it was Jordan Spieth’s Open Championship win, the…
physical fitness
What Is a Fitness Assessment and Why Does it Matter?
If you are 45 or older, you likely remember the President’s Council on Physical Fitness Tests. Created by President Kennedy in 1963, it was all the rage through the ’60s…
Discover the Secret Benefits to Good Footwork
The importance of proper footwork is perhaps one of the least understood skills in pickleball. After all, the court is small, why focus on footwork? Pickleball is no different than…
The #1 Mistake Killing Your Pickleball Game
When you started playing, you saw rapid improvement, but as time went on, you plateaued. You feel stuck at the same level and don’t understand what’s keeping you from progressing.…
Injury Prevention
Better Balance Equals Better Pickleball
Want to play better pickleball and avoid injury at the same time? Improve your Balance Today’s post will focus on improving balance as a tactic to avoid acute injury and…
Play Better Pickleball by Getting to the Ball Faster
If you have stepped on a pickleball court you have probably heard down the middle solves the riddle, hit at the feet you will defeat and keep your paddle up…
How to Play Pickleball Without Advice from a Partner
If you were like me, you were handed a pickleball paddle, hit a few shots, got a quick rules overview followed buy LOTS and LOTS of FREE advice! Each new…
Know What Your Pickleball Opponent Will Do Before They Do
Are you having a hard time reading what your opponent will do? We’re giving you three keys to help you anticipate the next shot. The Three Pillars of Pickleball can…
Your Complete Guide to Pickleball Improvement
Pickleball players want to improve. At least we know you do. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article. What are you doing about it? It’s so easy to get…
THE key to consistent pickleball
Do you have problems with consistency on the pickleball court? Watch this pickleball video and learn more about staying consistent…
School of Hard Truths – You’ll Become a Better Pickleball Player by Playing More
If you want to play better pickleball you need to play more often right? That’s what our survey of about 1000 pickleball players said. Do we agree?
Avoid this Pop Up Mistake-RARELY Discussed Pickleball Error
Pickleball players who make fewer errors win more games and have more confidence on the courts. Stop making this simple pop up mistake!