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how to be intentional
For REAL Improvement Add This Powerful Mind Technique to Your Pickleball Games
Chances are you are not playing your best pickleball right now. If so, a likely culprit is a lack of intentionality. Pickleball players who hit the right shots and are…
4 tips to improve your pickleball backhand
4 Tips to Improve Your Pickleball Backhand
Most players struggle with their pickleball backhand. Most players are more comfortable with either their forehand or their backhand. But more commonly, players are more comfortable with their forehand. In…
Part 1.The #1 Pickleball Strategy You Don’t Know AND How To Use It Part 2. The Most Important Shot In Pickleball AND How To Hit It Part 3. Why You Are Popping The Ball Up AND How To Stop I (7)
Forehand Takes The Middle // Fact or Fiction?
There’s probably not a time that you step on the courts when you haven’t heard someone say forehand takes the middle. But is that always the right strategy? Sad to…
The 2 Bounce Rule
The 2 Bounce Rule
There are a few pickleball rules that leave player’s scratching their heads and the 2 bounce rule is one of them. But there’s more to it than just understanding the…
3 Mistakes You Were Taught - Fix Them
3 Mistakes You Were Taught – Fix Them
Chances are you were taught at least one of these 3 mistakes, and it might be hurting your game today! If you’d like to access our Free Beginner Video series…
Best Player in the World (600 × 400 px)
Who Is The Best Pickleball Player In The World?
There are a lot of amazing athletes playing pickleball. Who do you think is the best pickleball player in the world? Anna-Leigh Waters? Yup, she’s arguably one of the world’s…
3 Essentials to Beat Nerves and Stay Focused on the Pickleball Court
3 Essentials to Beat Nerves and Stay Focused on the Pickleball Court
Do nerves keep you from playing your best pickleball? We’ve got 3 tips to help you reset your brain, calm those nerves and focus on the task at hand.
power doubles
Change your pickleball game with Pro Anna Bright
According to Pro Anna Bright how you play depends on who you play and there’s good reason to change your pickleball game depending on the format of the game. Rising…
Pickleball Fast Facts
Beginners Corner
Pickleball 101-A Quick Guide
Are looking for a new sport to try? Or perhaps you are looking for quick way to explain pickleball to your friends? Pickleball is as fun as its name. With…
Tips from summit
Pickleball Playing Tips
The 7 Best Lessons From THE Pickleball Summit 2022
Success leaves clues! Seven lessons from THE PICKLEBALL SUMMIT 2022 can help you unlock YOUR pickleball potential.
pickleball shoe
What’s the Right Pickleball Shoe?
Wearing the wrong pickleball shoe might not just hurt your performance. Here’s what you want to wear when you step out on the court. To learn more about the shoes…
Mental Game
Forget the Drop, Drive and Lob. To Play Your Best Pickleball You Need This!
One of the most valuable and underutilized resources pickleball players have is not a drive, a drop, or even a lob. It’s something that’s rarely practiced. In fact, most of…
missing these 3
STOP Missing Your Returns of Serve
Join us for THE 2022 Pickleball Summit. It’s free. but you have to register. Link here: Better Pickleball is a joint venture between Better Pickleball and In2Pickle. If you…
which one
Backhand Problems?-DO THIS INSTEAD
Is your backhand weaker than your forehand? That’s true for most players. Here are some tips to avoid one of the most common errors we see and fix your backhand.…
Don't wait
DON’T Wait for THIS!
You have more time than you think on the pickleball courts. Especially if you do more of THIS! Would you like some free tips to help you play your best?…