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A picture of pickleball players throwing balls in the air at a pickleball camp for seniors
Pickleball Camps and Clinics
2024 Best Pickleball Camps 
A pickleball training camp is in your future, but you are not sure which one? Read on. Choosing the right pickleball camp can make a significant difference in your overall…
Mental Game
Attitude Adjustment: How Can a Shift in Thinking Boost Your Pickleball Abilities?
Just like a pickleball game filled with its good shots, interesting line calls, and unpredictable bounces, my Peloton journey was speckled with life’s complexities, surprise detours, and the influence of…
Setting goals for your pickleball game
Mental Game
4 Ways to Craft Your Resolutions, Intentions, and Goals for Pickleball Success in the New Year
2023 is winding down quickly! Most of us don’t think too much about our goals for the new year until New Year’s Eve, but having a good plan in advance…
Pickleball rules
What is Rally Scoring? Learn the Rule Reshaping the Game
Rally scoring is likely the next major evolution in the growth of pickleball. Below, I will explain what rally scoring is and how to play it. We will be exploring…
Gifts for the Pickleball Players on Your Holiday List
2023 Better Pickleball Holiday Pickleball Gift Guide
Gifts for the pickleball players on your list Are you looking for pickleball stocking stuffers? Secret Santa gifts for your league friends? A big gift for the pickleball player in…
Mental Game
How to Evaluate Your Performance with Positive Pickleball Metrics
We all evaluate our performance when we play. Some may use a different metric (performance = how we did vis a vis our metric), but most players use the Win/Loss…
FIVE KEY PICKLEBALL TIPS to help you Break Out from 3.5+ / 4.0
Stuck as a 3.5+ or 4.0- player? Use these 5 solid pickleball tips to your game and you ‘ll play better pickleball. If you’re stuck, more likely than not, you’re…
See why THIS MATCH Had Fans on the Edge of Their Seats
These sorts of matches are great tests. One team is ahead for a bit. Then the other team surges back. A tug of war ensues where each team is doing…
Beginners Corner
Pickleball Open Play – A Beginner’s Guide
Pickleball is a fun and social sport that’s becoming increasingly popular in communities across the world. If you’re interested in trying out the sport, open play is a great way…
Beginners Corner
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: How to Navigate Your First Pickleball Open Play
Open Play is one of the many incredible things about pickleball. You don’t need to find other players, coordinate schedules and locate an open pickleball court. You show up at…
Change that Shirt! 2023 Pickleball Rules Update- Part 2
This NEW Pickleball Rule for 2023 means that you might have to change the color of your shirt. Find out the rule and what you need to know; 0:00 Intro…
No Spin
Pickleball Serving Rules – 2023 Pickleball Rules Update- Part 1
The Pickleball Serve Rules are changing for 2023. The Pickleball Spin Serve is banned. But does that mean there are no more spinning serves? Here’s what you need to know.…
#111-Two Tips From Top Senior Pro’s Jose Derisi and Scott Crandel
The best is when the lessons from the top pro players are things that can help us in our games and also things that are achievable by us – no…
Top 3 shills for 4.0+
Top 3 Skills for 4.0+
Want to play 4.0+ pickleball? First things first. You absolutely need these 3 pickleball shots in your arsenal. All three of these shots are achievable by any level pickleball player…
how to be intentional
For REAL Improvement Add This Powerful Mind Technique to Your Pickleball Games
Chances are you are not playing your best pickleball right now. If so, a likely culprit is a lack of intentionality. Pickleball players who hit the right shots and are…