how to be intentional
By: CJ Johnson | October 15, 2022 |

For REAL Improvement Add This Powerful Mind Technique to Your Pickleball Games

Chances are you are not playing your best pickleball right now. If so, a likely culprit is a lack of intentionality.

Pickleball players who hit the right shots and are in the right place every time are players who are being intentional. You too can add intentionality to your pickleball game (and life). It takes a little bit of work but, just like any muscle, you can make it stronger. You will play better pickleball – it is, frankly, the only way.

In this pickleball video, I share different ways you can add intentionality, starting with your court position and growing into how you prepare to play each day. Add one thing at a time.

0:00 Introduction to the Powerful Pickleball Technique for your Mind
1:04 Tip 1 – Be Intentional where you stand on the court
1:30 Tip 2 – Be Intentional with your shots
2:03 Tip 3 – Be intentional when you get to the courts
2:44 Tip 4 – Start intentionality on your way to the pickleball courts
3:10 Tip 5 – Intentionality is everything you do to play your best pickleball and live your best life
4:00 How to start adding Intentionality to your pickleball

If we can help you along the way, that is our jam.

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CJ Johnson

Hey there — I’m a professional three-sport athlete and coach who has spent my entire adult life earning a living from playing and coaching sports. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same: My commitment to see students not as they are but as what they can become and to move heaven and earth to help them realize their untapped potential. You should know that when it comes to helping pickleball players over 50 live their best lives on and off the courts, I'm an expert. Good pickleball is not just technique; it's the mind and body working holistically. That's why I'm also a personal trainer and weight management specialist. When I’m chillin', you'll find me watching Star Trek with my husband John and our two fur babies, Shirley and Ralph. (Yes, Happy Days)