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Better Pickleball is an online training platform that helps pickleball players who are frustrated and confused gain confidence and proficiency by teaching a deeper understanding of the mechanics, strategies, and athleticism they need to reach their pickleball potential.

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Hi, we’re CJ and Tony

We’ve been in your shoes before. When we started playing pickleball, quality instruction was limited. Mostly a few people who played a little better than the rest of the group and were willing to offer a little free advice, and not all of it was good.

What’s wrong with most pickleball instruction is that it focuses almost exclusively on the mechanics of the shot.

It’s great to know how to hit a shot, but if you aren’t capable of properly focusing on the shot (athletic pillar) or don’t know what shot to use when (strategic pillar), you only have one part of the equation.

That’s what prompted us to become pickleball coaches and use YouTube to spread the word. But YouTube wasn’t designed for the support you need to level up. That’s why we combined forces and created Better Pickleball.

Better Pickleball is the only immersive in-person and online learning community in pickleball. It combines step-by-step teaching videos with coaching input from CJ and Tony and a community of like-minded people, all intent on improving as players. This combination of content, direction, and support continuously available 24/7 provides an unparalleled learning experience unlike anything else in the sport.

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CJ Johnson

Hey, pickleball friends. CJ here. Playing your best pickleball goes beyond mastering efficient strokes. It requires a holistic approach that involves both the mind and body. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same. I'm committed to helping students see their potential and to do everything I can to help them realize their untapped capabilities. In 2016 I started the Better Pickleball Channel. In addition to my pickleball expertise, I have logged many years of experience in helping enhance the performance of athletes across multiple sports. With my background as a PGA Golf Pro, PSIA Ski Instructor, and ISSA Personal Trainer, I help pickleball players achieve their best performance on and off the court. My years as an athlete and coach have given me a keen eye for discerning what can help you improve the most. My passion is to stand at your side as you continue to discover and grow in this amazing sport.

Tony Roig

Hello there. As an unabashed pickleball superfan myself, I look forward to sharing this awesome pickleball journey with you. Not only has pickleball changed my life as I've evolved into a Senior Pro Player, but I've also seen it radically enhance the lives of thousands of players. This is what keeps me doing what we do...helping pickleball players all over strengthen their relationship to this amazing sport. I've been called a master strategist and impactful pickleball content creator. And, yes, I've produced numerous videos for the In2Pickle YouTube channel, am host of the one-of-a-kind Pickleball Therapy podcast, and I even wrote a book, "Play Pickleball". But what most allows me to stand before you as your pickleball Coach comes as a result of my earning the highest pickleball coaching certification available...a Master Teaching Professional from the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association).

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