By: CJ Johnson | February 22, 2017 |

Discover the Secret Benefits to Good Footwork

The importance of proper footwork is perhaps one of the least understood skills in pickleball. After all, the court is small, why focus on footwork?

Pickleball is no different than other sports. Good footwork will help you hit better groundstrokes and, in general, play better.

The 5 Benefits of Good Footwork

1   Reduce unforced errors

The quickest way to play better pickleball, at any level, is to reduce the number of unforced errors. Good footwork puts you in a position to play the ball at the same height and distance away from your body. Not playing shots that are too close or too far from away from you will significantly reduce your errors.

2  Power

It’s the forward and back motion of the legs and core in almost every sport that adds power to the arm swing. Imagine swinging a golf club, a tennis racquet, or throwing a ball with your legs together, your power would be limited. Good footwork allows you to use the body to create power.

3  Control

As your footwork improves, the paddle contacts the ball in a more consistent position, creating more accuracy.

4  Injury Prevention

Better balance=less falls.

When your feet are in a good position to swing the paddle, you create less challenging angles putting less stress on your arm.

You won’t tire as quickly, making you less susceptible to an injury from fatigue.

5  Better Court Coverage

Good footwork allows you to change directions quickly and cover more of the court. Do you think that would help you win more points?

What does good footwork look like?

Here are some of the countries top ranked 5.0 players putting their best foot forward.

Now you know what good footwork looks like and why it’s essential here’s how to apply it.







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