4 pickleball errors costing you games
By: Tony Roig | October 3, 2022 |

4 Pickleball Errors Costing You Games

These 4 pickleball errors are making you lose more games, and more rallies. They all stem from pressing.

Essentially it’s pushing too hard. Hitting shots that you don’t need, attacking when an attack isn’t available, playing a hard ball when a soft one will do.

When you find yourself pressing, you are simply trying to do more than the situation requires. That’s causing errors in your pickleball game. Errors that are causing you the rally and potentially the game. Another example is pressing is trying to hit the ball too low to the net. You think you need to hit the pickleball shot really low, really low, to avoid an error, and by doing so, you hit the net. by the net.

Another pickleball error and an example of pressing is attacking where attacks don’t exist. The most common situation is when you think there’s a hole in the middle, and you go for the hole in the middle. A lot of times that hole is a phantom hole. It doesn’t exist.

And if you want to check that out, we did a whole game breakdown in this pickleball video. https://youtu.be/hiL54qx-g3o

0:00 Introduction to the Pickleball Error – Pressing
0:26 Pickleball Error 1 – Overhitting your attack shots
0:57 Pickleball Error 2 – Hitting too Low Over the Net
1:32 Pickleball Error 3 – Attacking when no attack exists
2:20 Pickleball Error 4 – Attacking Under Duress
3:09 Don’t miss the Miniseries
4:07 How to Solve this Pickleball Error – Rhythm of the Pickleball Rally

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