3 Proven Tips for a Better Pickleball Backhand
By: Tony Roig | March 14, 2024 |

3 Proven Tips for a Better Pickleball Backhand

For most players, the backhand side is the weaker side so it doesn’t generate a lot of power, consistency, or accuracy. The pickleball backhand can be a formidable weapon.

But for most of us, our backhand is weaker than our forehand. So how do you transform your backhand into something that your opponents will fear?

The very first thing we need to look at when we’re talking about backhands is your grip and what we recommend for a picklebell grip is what’s called a continental grip. Think about it as if you’re shaking hands, it’s a very neutral grip.

The continental grip is a very universal grip for pickleball, it allows you to easily move the paddle from one side to the other side in an optimal position.

Watch the full video for the other two mistakes players make including not watching the ball all the way into the paddle.

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